Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain reportedly accompanied by one of her daughters and forty of her best friends is another disgraceful example of illegal use of American taxpayer’s money. She has become a modern time Marie Antoinette who you will remember flaunted her excesses while the French people were starving. Obama should be made to may back every dime from this trip, that has no governmental purpose, to the American people. Apparently some forty to seventy rooms in a Granada hotel have been commandeered by Obama for her vacation. The round trip cost of the plane is about $140,000. Does some member of Congress have the guts to request an expense account so that we might see how much of OUR MONEY is spent on clothes, gifts and other questionable expenses charged to the American taxpayer. Additionally we should be given a list of all of the people who accompanied her and at what cost individually. This continues to show the disconnect between the Obama’s and the American people at a time when the economy continues to tank despite Obama’s lies to the contrary. The French queen lost her head because of her excesses. Are these just more examples of entitlements or have we begun to pay back reparations for the pre-Civil War era. We must lose the Obamas in 2012 and those incumbents who continue to support them because of party and privilege in November.



  1. You’re missing the bigger picture. Michelle Obama’s trip was an endorsement of the “Cordoba Initiative”.

    • While I am aware of the Cordova initiative to bring “modern” Islam to the US and with it Sharia Law, how specifically did M.Obama endorse the mosque? Obama has enndorsed the mosque and sent via our state department and at our cost Imam Feisal on a mission to collect monies from the Middle East for the project. Obama had Muslims and Muslim sympathizers who favor Hezbollah and Hamas at the Ramadan dinner at OUR WHITE HOUSE, and who have requested that these two organizations be removed from the list of terrorists. Obama should be impeached.

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