The memo regarding amnesty for illegal aliens allegedly written by White House attorneys is unclear and has been denied as potential policy by Gibbs et al( PARSERS, LIARS AND APOLOGISTS). One must assume based upon history of this administration, that strong denials tend to cover up lies. The question is…..if Obama ultimately is determined to have been an illegal alien and therefor not eligible to be president, would amnesty, as desired by this administration for purely political purposes (getting more liberal/HISPANIC votes) yield yet another perk…….MAKING OBAMA LEGAL!



  1. did you vote for obama? be honest

    • I voted for John McCain despite the fact that he was not the strongest Republican candidate. I was never fooled by Obama’s rhetoric or diatribes. I knew exactly who he was and how dangerous he would be to this country. Sadly, too many people fell for his lies and promises and some despite everything he has done and every thing we know about him and the people he surrounds himself with, there are idiots who would vote for him again. I cannot believe you asked the question unless you have not read any of my other 150+ posts that have not been favorable to Obama or the rest of his faithless administrators.

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