Today is an anniversary most Americans might wish to celebrate despite the fact that sending devastating atomic bombs into two Japanese cities served to save the lives of thousands of our troops by eliminating the need of the invasion of Japan. There should be no apologies offered by any one from the Obama Administration to a country clearly the aggressor and who in the conduct of war perpetrated atrocities upon the people of all of the lands and islands they conquered, not to forget the obscene manner in which they treated American soldiers, and woman and children from countries who lay in the path of their conquest. We rebuilt Japan and in time the wounds of war were seemingly healed as new generations of Americans and Japanese evolved. How we deal with the Japanese government as an ally now does not erase the tragedy of our war in the pacific. In the conduct of war, political correctness must not be a factor in determining the prevention of deaths of Americans drawn into combat by the enemy. The hands of our generals must not be tied by quasi-liberal thinking people whose only motive is to maintain power. America, our values will prevail despite the efforts of those who wish to destroy them.


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