If there is any voter in New York State with a semblance of common sense, they will understand Photo-op Schumer’s sudden support of “anti-illegal immigration. Also, I ask you to recall his absolute support of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac when someone voiced concerns that unsecured mortgages were being written. People of NY must should know by now that this unprincipled man will say and do anything to get re-elected. Schumer just “qvells” with power and wants more. The junior Senator from NY is just a female Charley McCarthy or more to the point,a female Mortimer Snerd(dummer of the two) for those Seniors who remember “radio days”. For those who do not remember, both of the aforementioned were wooden dummies whose voices came from a ventriloquist since they were incapable of intelligent thought. Both she and Schumer must be rejected by New York Seniors because the two are deceitful democrats. Those of the Jewish faith must not vote for these two just because “they were born Democrats.” No one was born anything but with the ability to make a well thought out decision that will ultimately reject both of these people. NY has nothing to gain by sending both of these individuals back to Washington. Send her back to upstate NY and Schumer, well…….perhaps to some unoccupied bench in Washington Park, Greenwich Village where he can “schmooze” with the locals and have his picture taken by someone with an IPHONE who needed an example of a has-been.

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