It is no wonder that Obama has no idea of the history of our receiving the Statue of Liberty, since he apparently was educated elsewhere except for a few years in college and graduate school that no one is willing to vouch for. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France in celebration of our independence. It was not paid for by Emma Lazarus as a result of her poem. She may have played some role in the building of its base. It had nothing directly to do with immigration when first erected, although immigrants did pass right by en route to Ellis Island. Today Obama distorted the truth again by stating otherwise and took this opportunity to promote his Immigration bill. Instead of protecting our borders and possibly lose Hispanic votes, Obama continues to politicize every crisis by rewriting history to suit his own purpose. Today Napolitano asked the American people to be alert and report people who might be dangerous to this country. She should look in the mirror and report herself along with Obama and his cronies.



  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Actually, Emma Lazarus’s poem was included in a small book of poems and prose sold to raise money to build the pedestal for the Statue of Liberty. France gave us the statue, but we had to raise money, through private venues, to transport it, build a base for it, and construct it. School kids across the nation sent pennies, and the committee self-appointed to get it done published and sold Lazarus’s poem.

    So Obama was right.

    • No, Obama stated that the statue was sent here to be a symbol of immigration. It did become a symbol long after it was erected on Bedloes Island. I did say that Lazarus had played a role in the funding of the base, but that was all she did. Obama used the statue to push forward his Immigration plan for the purpose, only of strengthening his base among Hispanics to keep him and the democrats in office. The idea of amnesty is another political promotion and has nothing to do with the people who are here illegally other than to possibly acquire their votes. Recent polls have shown that Obama has lost favor among Hispanics and that is why he has shown opposition to Arizona’s concerns and will not secure our borders with Mexico. He is an ingenuous hack that should be dis-elected.

  2. My mother’s family came from Europe in the early 1900’s followed all of the rules, established themselves as legal immigrants and ultimately achieved citizenship. They worked all of their lives, paid taxes and were good citizens. I am an Independent who believes that free thinking and the non destruction of the Constitution is imperative. I do not support everything Obama does since most of what he has done has impacted negatively on this country. I am a professional, well educated and have been on this planet probably longer than you. I do understand that your inability and refusal to accept the inadequacy of our first black president is unfortunate, but this man has no respect for the Constitution and that is not how democracy was envisioned by our forefathers. Most of your man’s coherts will be removed in 2010 and Obama will follow suit in 2012. You may have envisioned the absolute oppression of the whites by the blacks but rest assured, it will not happen. I am certain that your life here is better had you or your family remained in Guiana. Be thankful that you live in a country where your opinions can still be aired and as Martin Luther King said “it is the content of your character and not the color of your skin.”

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