If McCrystal Should Be Fired:OBAMA SHOULD RESIGN

The course of events that have led up to Obama’s latest crisis indeed are regrettable and sadly unforgivable. General Stanley McCrystal was not clearly insubordinate to the Commander in Chief with regard to comments made mostly by his aides to the Rolling Stone reporter, but was remiss in not allowing such an open relationship to flourish. While there are other generals in the chain of command who will seamlessly pick up the slack and carry on, McCrystal was the expert in counter terrorism. Despite everything said, McCrystal has been correct in his determination about this president and the lackluster manner in which he has provided support to the troops and those in command. McCrystal called someone associated with national security and a person of ambassadorial stature clowns. Their continued interference with McCrystal in his waging of the WAR AGAINST TERROR could probably justify his determination. A leaflet war did not work in Viet Nam. Obama’s informing the world of the dates of withdrawal of the troops gives aid and comfort to the enemy, as does the broadcasting of when the next Afghan offensive will begin.

If Obama fires McCrystal, it may show him as a person of character with leadership to the NBC affiliates etal, but I won’t buy it as an example of his being presidential with conviction. He will remain a weak, indecisive former community organizer whose inexperience in leadership of any kind has clearly been shown with his handling of every crisis that has risen. Yes, McCrystal should be fired. But, Obama should RESIGN, and go play golf, listen to Beetle records or hang out with Gore and the Hollywood losers and enjoy all of the money that he will not be asked to share with those who do not have the ambition to earn a living on their own.


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