If the Senate passes a bill sponsored by our “great Vietnam hero, John Kerry” that deals with government control over the internet, Obama THE TERRIBLE will have the right to close the internet for  30 days under a vague condition of ‘government security’ as determined by our apologist president.  Can you imagine what this will do to commerce and on-line banking? How dare he interfere with our first amendment rights of free speech. This totalitarian thinks he has the right to do what ever he chooses and the imbeciles in the majority Democratic party continue to place power and party over country. And too many people in this country who voted for all of the handouts they expect from Obama continue to cheer him and them on.  We have the potential to experience both Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia at the same time right here in America, and so many American’ are just too STUPID to understand it.  Obama has now signed some order that provides a multibillion dollar ‘loan’ to Brazil for deep water drilling while our Gulf shore is dredged with oil and he continues to not act in their or this country’s best interest. What more do we need for IMPEACHMENT? He has failed to protect this country at our borders since he wants the hispanic vote. He has failed us in the Gulf since he wants the environmentalists vote. He has failed our economy in order to keep the minorities dependent upon big government. He has failed to contain Iran while isolating our only friend in the Middle East, Israel.He has illegally taken over banks and the auto industry while continuing to condemn George Bush without properly dealing with the questionable ethics of Dodd, Schumer and Frank in regard to irregularities in the mortgage industry. He has failed to stop the war as promised. He has failed to pursue the war as needed. He has forced through an unconstitutional health bill that forces Americans to buy a product they do not want.  He has lied day after day about jobs created. Actually,, he has lied about everything He encouraged the CBO to present a creative explanation regarding the actual cost of Health Care.  He has apologized for America’s sins as he alone sees them all over the world. He has been clearly incompetent and unprepared for the job too many FOOLS placed him in.  2012 cannot come soon enough.  The next problem is for the Republican’s to present a candidate who will defeat H. Clinton who will be waiting in the wings. SHE MAY BE MORE DANGEROUS THAN OBAMA!


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