Unlike General George Custer who was an American hero, Chris Dodd of Connecticut is surrounded by angry constituents while befriending the Indian tribe that owns and runs Mohegan Sun, a casino in the state. It has been reported that Dodd, who has been accused of receiving ‘sweetheart deals’ while in his capacity of head of the Senate Banking Committee and has been accused by many of participating in the destruction of the mortgage and banking industry along with Schumer and Fwank, has funneled $54 MILLION of stimulus money to the Connecticut casino.  It is no wonder that Dodd has called it a day with regard to seeking re-election before he is run out of Washington along with the rest of the D.C. crooks. It is also no wonder that his replacement, (sic) might be the current CT attorney General and quasi “VIETNAM WAR HERO”, unless the Republicans can muster enough votes for their candidate who could win, assuming SEIU and what ever is left of ACORN does not shuttle illegitimate voters into the state for multiple appearances at the poll booths and The BLACK PANTHERS are not allowed to intimidate legal voters.


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