Nancy Pelosi should be made to sit before the House ethics committee and explain to the American people her justification of new offices in San Francisco costing $18,000 plus per month and charged to the tax payers. While she is there,  she should be made to discuss her use of tax payer’s monies for her jumbo jet, its fuel and excursions unrelated to her job as speaker of the house.  It would be more proper just to buy her a broom to expedite her transportation BACK TO CALIFORNIA PERMANENTLY. She should also be asked about her holdings in California relating to the wine industry and any pork from which she has personally benefited. Additionally there may be issues about the Samoan Fishing Industry and how much stimulus or bailout money it received. Rumor has it that her husband owns 17% of that company. How wonderful it must be to be connected! I hope We The People are not paying for her facial Botox injections, but I am sure we are.  She is a charter member of the OBAMA LIARS CLUB. Recently she was asked why George Bush continues to be blamed for every thing that happens in this country. Pelosi( with a %$&&^% grin), denied any knowledge of such a thing.  If she cracks her memory, she is one of the pots in the Congress who continually blames the former president for everything.  The American people should demand a decent job for every dollar spent on these worthless congressFOLK. It would not work in the private sector, but then again, that is the area that Obama is trying to discredit and destroy.


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