Obama’s continued share the wealth, socialist, communist policies need its own defined ideology, so I believe I am the first(could be mistaken) to call it OBAMUNISM.  Under this system, the first amendment(freedom of speech) will be altered by paving the way for “diversity in broadcasting” thus eliminating any and all who object to governmental policies. Now only the rich of the Right will have their wealth redistributed while the more favored members of government will get to keep their ill-gotten gains. I wonder if there will be dachas in the Catskills. The lies about global warming, now known as the greening of America will make some of the Leftist rich richer, and that will include the favored unions and their bosses. Health care will deteriorate along with the health of the average American because there will not be enough competent physicians willing to work in an unsustainable system. Ergo, “health care maintainance personnel” (?) will attempt unsuccessfully to provide a minimal of care to a maximum of people. Lying to the people will be come the norm through daily messages from the propaganda CZAR.  We are very close to be living under this system, so it is imperative that EVERY INCUMBENT who voted for the Health Care Bill be turned out to pasture. On the one hand, there is a need for a competent Congress to repeal the health care bill without threat of presidential veto. However, the checks and balances that the founding fathers wrote into the Constitution must be reclaimed and any changes to this amazing document that has protected us for over 200 years must be made by amendment and not by an executive order from a man who has yet to show leadership in any form other than to promote his own personal agenda of OBAMUNISM.


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