Nero fiddled while Rome burned, but he was insane. Obama plays golf while our economy self-destructs, certainly helped along by all of the poor judgment and decisions made by this administration. Front and center is the oil spill in the Gulf that Obama continues to blame everyone except himself. No one should deny the president a few hours off per day for recreation but it is the snide, insolent manner in which he snubs his nose at the American people and certainly all who have lost or will lose their livelihood along the now tainted Gulf shore. Obama continues to be inexperienced. He has learned nothing in the time that he has misled this country in all respects. HOPE AND CHANGE? NO HOPE and DISGUSTING CHANGE. So., he has really, using golf terms, bogeyed every effort to right this country’s ills by compounding them. But, we all know that he and his cohorts have an agenda to destroy the economy further by continuing to expand government and over spending.  He has lied about jobs created and jobs saved was a scam. The government’s absurd policy of hiring and firing people so they can count them twice is now known by everybody with a brain. There are more union workers in the Federal Government than in the private sector. Federal employees on average earn $12 per hour more than those in the private sector with too many perks and guarantees for life that WE THE PEOPLE are forced to pay for with our taxes. The so-called government money does not exist. IT iS OUR TAX MONEY!. In recent primary elections, it was no accident that more women and people with executive experience were elected to run in November. This underlines the continued education of the American public that we have still a”community organizer” whose credentials still are being questioned and who has yet to show any leadership.

Tomorrow, he will address the American people from the oval office for the first time. One would wonder if the oval office is shaped so that the president cannot be cornered. How many more lies will he tell and how much more blame will he try to place on George Bush? The Health Care Bill MUST BE REPEALED. CAP AND TRADE MUST REJECTED and the bad incumbents must be sent packing. It is too bad that such an idiot as Nancy Pelosi cannot be removed for what she has done to this country. Perhaps her time will come in 2012 when we rid this country of the KENYAN WHO WOULD BE KING.



  1. Kathy says:

    The GOP states suffering from this “planned disaster” are simply being BLACKMAILED.

    Pass Cap & Trade; but, only then, will I the “annointed” one save you.

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    • Keep reading. The more we know about what government is doing to us, the better we will be able to deal with it. Obama et al would like to keep all of us ignorant. He will try to control the internet. The media with few exceptions is in his pocket.

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