“sir” paul: GO BACK TO LIVERPOOL and take jerry seinfeld with you!!

The english reject paul McCartney should go back to Liverpool with his knighting and “library award” from Obama. It is clear that the Queen will honor or dub anyone for making at least as much money as she collects from the English people for getting on and off the throne. His unfortunate and stupid remarks concerning President George Bush, and Seinfeld’s “^$#*&” eating accepting grin were offensive and distasteful. His glorification of Obama might be worthy of a song such as “Obama In The Sky With Diamonds”, and anything suggestive of LSD or any other mood-altering drug that might have caused 53% of intoxicated Americans to vote for our current and one-term president. McCartney had best look back at his meager Liverpool beginnings when he was just a “bug”. He has returned to that lower class of humanity.  Has “sir” whatever ever been to a library or has he ever read a book. Best he retire to the isles and reflect upon what miseries he may have inflicted upon his most recent ex-wife. PAUL, GO HOME AND STAY THERE………….YOU AND YOUR MUSIC ONCE GOOD HAS BECOME IRRELEVANT.


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