The Sestak scandal and it is a scandal no matter how hard Obama’s lawyers try to spin it clean and neat and that which has been done time immemorial, will hopefully expedite the elimination of one of the most notorious communists that have held the high office of chief of staff for a president. The disaster in the Gulf has repeatedly been referred to as Obama’s Katrina. In that respect, we all hope that it is his WATERLOO. Coupled with the Health Care Reform debacle and lies that the administration has continued to perpetrate, the absolute crime committed toward our shores and wildlife in the Gulf should be just a tip of the iceberg(sorry Gore) that will destroy this presidency and hopefully remove any suggestion of re-election for all of his ‘good works’ for all of the democrats in November and the most non-transparent man who would be King in 2012. Any American citizen with a brain who votes democratic in November and for Obama in 2012 must be declared incompetent or part of the subversive element that has encouraged the type of government that has almost destroyed our country. If Sestak sits on his hands and refuses to admit what has been suggested, he should lose to Toomey, Admiral of the Navy or  not.  Let’s all of us who will vote conscience and not party remove each and every one of these crooks from office and from any appointed position they currently hold without benefit of pension, health care and perks. Perhaps, if they escape U.S. jail, they  might enjoy a better life under Jihad.


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