With each passing day of the Obama presidency it is reasonable that We The People draw some conclusions with regard to his intent and ultimate ‘final solution for America’. This I truly believe:

1. The fact that Obama has never been forthright regarding his eligibility to have run for the presidency, has blocked via “legal” means regarding his birthplace, his medical records, and any and all information that has dealt with both his college records at Columbia and Harvard Law. I believe based upon this significant lack of information, some deluded people of this country have voted for him just because “it would be cool to have  a black man as president”. But I also believe that the rest of those who voted for him did so as per a prescribed “progressive” plan to ‘fundamentally change’ this country into a pseudo-socialist economy not very different from that which is failing throughout Europe

2. That Obama et al pressed the CBO to provide an analysis that would be supportive of the Health Bill in regard to present and future costs. IT WAS ALL A LIE!! Another example of what a monarch rather than a president of a republic as defined by our CONSTITUTION,   and a group of laws that have governed our country for better than 200 years and which Obama considers an  irrelevant piece of paper.

3. Obama’s refusal to meet on a consistent basis even with a press that has drooled over his every word in the past, now has been actually eliminated from asking the i needed to be asked and relegated to deal with a flunkie who believes that the American people are more stupid than he is. Robert Gibbs, if we the people are paying his salary should immediately be placed among the ranks of the unemployed which, Mr. Obama still hovers barely below 10% which, if all of the subterfuge was removed would legitimately stand around 17%. Thank you for such a “good” job.

4. I believe that you, Obama, are a Muslim and have clearly defined in books you have written that if you had to make a choice you would side with Muslims. Why not, since you and your family have never attended a religious ceremony since you were mis-elected, why do you not drag out your prayer rug so that all of the American people can see who YOU REALLY ARE, and in what you truly believe.

5. The manner in which Obama has dealt with the crisis in the Gulf is just another example of his disinterest and refusal to deal with such protective needs that he swore an oath to uphold during his inauguration/coronation.  Obama has made a lot of “noise” without substance regarding his and the position of underlings such as Salazar on how to deal with what will prove to be the most devastating and destructive disaster to effect the economy, fishing industry and tourism from Texas to Florida. Their laissez-faire attitude certainly is in accord with the silence of the environmentalists who in secret are enjoying the death of every beach, marsh, bird and other wildlife since it provides impetus to its agenda. What’s a few thousand/million animals that might die to prove their point.  Has Obama questioned this? Not if he wants their support in 2010 and 2012.

6. The border that separates the U.S. from Mexico has become more a sieve than an obstruction to the entrance of illegal aliens. Let’s put this in perspective. The people, for the most part, crossing the border and climbing under and over existent barriers, contribute little to our economy while extorting millions of dollars in failed tax payments, accepting any and all free dollars while costing our hospitals more money than they can absorb to continue to exists. We must not forget that these facilities have existed by virtue of the people of the border states to work and pay taxes that have supported the system that all Americans should enjoy. The NAME illegal more than suggests that they might be subject to removal back to their country of origin as suggested by a recent law enacted by the sovereign state of Arizona. Obama’s take on this is nothing more than political, fearing that if he might even suggest that Arizona was correct might cause him to lose ‘hispanic votes’. As an aside I  might note the fact that McCain who is running for re-election to the Senate has suddenly become the standard-bearer for border control. While I believe that, as an Arizonan, he wants to have the borders secured, he is a bit too late and not very credible. Anything and everything Obama does has to do with dealing with illegals is how it might affect his ability to continue to ‘rule’ after 2010 and 2012.  He cares nothing about America, he only cares about Obama and his desire to change this country according to his rules of ‘social justice’.

7. Obama has reluctantly “sent” 1200 National Guardsmen to ? who will support those officials currently serving in the capacity to secure the borders, with desk jobs. This idiocy on the part of the president must be seen and appreciated as an effort on his part to allow the current status quo to continue where drugs and weapons continue to cross the porous border, United State citizens are being kidnapped in Phoenix, Americans are murdered by Mexican illegals despite the cry for help from the sovereign state of Arizona.  Arizona is correct to go it alone since their contract with Washington is  now null and void. Obama says he neither supports or finds fault with the attempted boycott of Arizona by other states of the union. This is another example of flawed and failed leadership. He cannot have it both ways without raising suspicion of his motives

8. At the rare press conferences you begrudge, you select pre-determined, easy questions from reporters you can ‘trust’. One day you will be given a barrage of ‘non-easy’ questions from people of the press with courage and determination to get the truth and not the current menu of lies and deception. Obama, you are fooling only a few. The rest are just idiots.

9. You, Obama, have chosen to vacation in Chicago, rather than continue to honor Memorial day services at Arlington. Any serviceman, current or deceased and their families must clearly understand the disrespect that you hold for our military and its unrelenting service to this country for more than 200 years. Go to Chicago Obama. You owe more to the syndicate than you do to the American people.

10. Obama has an obligation to fire the inadequate people in high government position who have contributed to our flawed homeland security as well as to the environmental disaster in the Gulf. Napolitano and Salazar must be removed for starters. The Attorney General Holder should resign for failing to uphold his own oath of office. The American people should call upon Brennan, that abject imbecile in charge of national security to quit now. This desperate, uninformed Obama puppet cannot use the word Jihadist terrorists. Is it perhaps that he holds a certain fondness for them? Of course none of this will happen because this administration likes to have flawed underlings who double speak the party line.

11. It is  not unusual that the people of Connecticut have given Blumenthal a pass. Clearly there are more Democrats living in that state, that has given us C.Dodd and his “sweetheart deals”. I would suppose they would vote for anything and anyone who carries with them a DONKEY/ASS for a political symbol. Connecticut likes LIARS or people who have misspoken. Come to think of it didn’t H.Clinton “mispeak” about being in the midst of a battle in Bosnia? Why should we assume that these individuals will not continue their lying ways when either elected of appointed to government position?

12. There has been a sudden warning of a Somalian terrorist trying to enter Teas from Mexico. We have been told that Jihad terrorists have entered Mexico from Central and South America. So much for the strict enforcement of Mexican immigration law. There is little difference between Afghan poppy growers and the Mexican gun and drug runners that have caused chaos on our borders. Arizona made the correct choice. It was its only choice. Those who object have done so using RACE as is their norm. It is all about votes and not the safety of the people.  This continues with the effort of progressives to promote statehood for Puerto Rico. This is not unlike the alleged efforts of the democrats in Perth Amboy, NJ in the late 70’s and early 80’s to encourage the immigration of people from the Dominican Republic, whether or legal or illegal for their votes to keep democrats in local and state office. Does this now sound familiar with regard to Obama and the manner in which he was elected?




  1. Kathy says:

    Don’t forget how he played Golf the day he was to attend the funeral for the DEMOCRATIC Polish President & other officials who died in the plane crash. Accident? Volcanic ash? BS! According to a Polish reporter the skies were “clear blue”.
    There were survivors; but, were executed by Russians. The videographer on the scene minutes after the crash recorded gun shots. It just so happens this man was stabbed and taken to a hospital & while on life support he was stabbed again until dead. Info can be found on YouTube.
    How much more evidence is needed for citizens and our military to realize this usurper is doing everything possible to overturn our government? How much more destruction of our country are we going to allow before we demand the impostor’s removal? What is wrong with our Military and where in the hell are they?

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