Obama is now challenging Biden for who can make the most idiotic statements. The former is not very presidential and never has been while the latter is just a buffoon.  The problem is Biden is less dangerous than Obama. The  Obamamedia cannot not find it in their hearts to see anything wrong with what he says and does. Recently during a commencement speech in Michigan, Obama had the audacity to suggest that it would be “unsafe” for a father to take his child for an ice cream in Arizona less they be stopped and interrogated. The Governor of Arizona has put her political life on the line because she has done something the Federal Government has refused to do, and that is uphold the law and defend the Constitution, a piece of paper drenched with the blood of Americans who fought  in the Revolutionary War. He recently excluded WHITE AMERICANS, ASIANS, and NATIVE BORN AMERICANS from his group of followers.  He was significantly late in mentioning the explosion and subsequent oil release in the Gulf. His so-called environmental “expert” Lisa Jackson took over 9 days to make mention of this disaster. Who would benefit the most from this crisis? Obama has “temporarily” halted offshore drilling in new sites off the East Coast and Alaska. How fortunate for him that he can now placate environmentalists such as  Greenpeace and try to press Cap and Trade on us. Gasoline prices could skyrocket, but this is what Obama wants to happen. One of his Czars has said that people should be able to walk to work and not use energy. Good chance of having a job with the unemployment rate as high as it and with illegals taking the place of more worthy Americans. While the New York City police averted what could have been a major tragedy, Obama was jesting with Jay Leno at the White House Press Corps dinner. Apparently what was happening in NY City was not important. I would remind you of another black man, Jesse Jackson who called it “Hymie Town”.  Chicago where he and the Kenyan expatriate Obama call home have little to brag about. How many of those members of the press attending, really like this Kenyan who would be King? If any one believes that they can trust Obama, they are in need of intense psychiatric care. A minor (sic), non impeachable item appeared on the internet about an alleged liason with Obama and a woman named Vera Baker, who reportedly has left the continental U.S. From what The National Enquirer has suggested, whatever occurred did so prior to his “elevation to the presidency”.  If the report is accurate, certainly not prior to his exchanging marriage vows with his wife. So many politicians seem so empowered that they believe they can do anything without responsibility.  Certainly this was true of Bill Clinton and the intern, Jimmy Carter and his “lusting in his heart”, good ole boy Lyndon Johnson, JFK and whomever, Teddy Kennedy at Chappaquiddick ,FDR with his mistress and lets not forget the good former Senator and VP candidate from the “great state” of  South Carolina. My goodness This does not include all of the interns who may have met foul play and those both male and female, continually sexually harassed by their bosses in government. We the people put these individuals in office by virtue of our vote, our legal vote. We must carefully make the correct decisions in November and this goes for both parties. WHOM CAN WE TRUST? NOT VERY MANY!


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