Obama and his henchmen have found their comfort zone in appointing people with no experience or intelligence. Napolitano is the case in point. I do not know how she got through law school and eventually became Governor of Arizona, but she, along with the rest of the Obama people are mentally challenged for good reason. She has had the nerve all weekend to state that the borders are secure, despite the fact that there are some 400,000 illegal aliens in her home state. And despite the fact that Arizona law enforcement has clearly stated the issues that  they must meet on a daily basis. Babbling with sentences that had no merit, she tried to make her point that the Federal Government has done some “wonders” for the states bordering Mexico. If she is winging it while awaiting a nomination to the Supreme Court,  she is providing comfort to the enemies of this country and should be treated accordingly under our laws. Every time she opens her mouth, it is clear she has not a clue as to what is happened around her, and she is somewhat in charge with regard to her ill-advised appointment as head of Homeland Security. This is good for Obama and his administration since he has appointed fools who will not challenge him. Their cushy jobs afford them more security than we have. Why shouldn’t they just bend over to Obama for another surge/stimulus. This disgraceful, person could not use the words “possible terrorist” regarding Saturday night’s threat to all of the people who were in Times Square in NY. She and the rest of the Obaminations must be thrown out on their asses for dereliction of duty and failure to provide the defense to our country that they swore upon accepting their ill-gotten appointments.



  1. newssleuth says:

    I think Napolitano is using the Archaic definition of secure: overconfident.

    • In truth, she is not overconfident. Napolitano is clueless regarding her job description. I can just imagine how she governed Arizona. Time for her to move on and not to the Supreme Court as some have suggested.

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