The oil spill in the Gulf, unless contained, will devastate the beaches and economy of Alabama, Louisiana and parts of Florida. Obama is quick to call a halt to all new drilling offshore which will satisfy his far, far left GREEN PEOPLE, but we have yet to determine the cause of the explosion.  The LEFT was quick to blame George Bush for both the Katrina disaster and not reacting quickly enough, but no one in the media has called out Obama for dragging his feet over the 10 days since the horrific explosion and loss of 11 lives. Perhaps Obama will form another commission to investigate the “accident”. The question might be: Can we trust the findings?



  1. Queedeatomo says:

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  2. Kathy says:

    Another ‘crisis too good to waste” huh? Just in time for another push for Cap and Trade to hijack our utilities and fuel charges, increase power for the EPA to lock up all streams, lakes, rivers, & oceans in order to bankrupt more businesses & citizens. Not to mention reduce our food supply. Last year fisherman protested at the WH because BO was trying to eliminate most fishing including sport fishing. No. I’m not joking! Although the bill failed, BO has not given up now has he? And his next move is to claim 30million acres in the West & Midwest as “Federal Land” It just so happens that’s where we grow the largest portion of wheat & corn.
    Do you see where this is going? I do! So, I’m certainly not in the mood, nor do I have time to watch South Park.

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