If Obama was to travel to Arizona, would he be considered Legal or Illegal? After all, like every other good “citizen” he might be asked for evidence of citizenship. A driver’s license should be insufficient since they seem to be easy to come by.  Since Obama has blocked all efforts in the courts to date, to have him produce a legitimate birth certificate, what else might he use as proof?

The Administration or someone on its behalf may have dispatched a swat team to pressure a number of what appeared to be a mix of elderly and young people using their first amendment right of free speech singing our national anthem while protesting Obama’s policies in Quincy Illinois. How low will the administration and its minions creep to create a crisis that they will react to? It is time for all of the rest of America that supported Obama to admit their mistake and work diligently to remove Democrats from Congress in November and Obama in 2012. What does Obama have to do to convince people of his true colors?


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