In seven months we will be asked to elect, re-elect and fire members of the United States Senate. The latter designation should be relatively easy since it should include most if not all of the Democratic Senators and some from the Republican side.  Thirty-four of the seats are four six-year terms and two will be four 2 year terms in New York and Delaware. To date, there are 57 Democrats and 41 Republicans along with 2 Independents in the Senate. Everyone of their voting positions must be carefully scrutinized before you make a decision. There are 18 Democratic seats up for election and 5 are currently held by those who have indicated their desire to retire. On the Republican side, there are 18 seats as well with 6 Senators who have indicated that they will not run again. This is just a brief description of some of the races. We must not forget that members of the House will also be up for election and will be dealt with in another post.

Senators who will be retiring: Democrat: C.Dodd(CT), Ted Kaufman (DE), Roland Buris(IL), Evan Bayh(IN), Byron Dorgan(ND)

Senators who will be retiring: Republican: George LeMieux(FL),Sam Brownback(KS),Jim Bunning(KY),Kit Bond(MS),Judd Gregg(NH),George Voinovich(OH)

Democratic Incumbents:Blanche Lincoln(AR), Barbara Boxer(CA),Michael Bennet(CO),Daniel Inouye(HI),Barbara Mikulski(MD),Harry Reid(NV),Kirsten Killibrand(NY),Charles Schumer(NY),Ron Wyden(OR),Arlen Spector(PA),Patrick Leahy(VT),Patty Murry(WA),Russ Feingold(WI)

Republican Incumbents: Richard Shelby(AL),Lisa Murkowski(AK),John McCain(AZ),Johnny Isakson(GA),Mike Krapo(ID),Chuck Grassley(Iowa),David Vitter(LS),Richard Burr(NC),Tom Coburn(OK),Jim DeMint(SC),John Thune(SD),Bob Bennet(UT)

Unfortunately, for those of us who live in NJ, neither of the Senators with bipartisan and lackluster records are running. This will have to wait until 2012. New York’s 2 Senators could be fair game, particularly Killibrand who apparently has been told to be seen and not heard. Charles Schumer is beatable if NY Liberals will realize that they were not born into the Democratic party and no fire and brimstone will rain down upon them if they choose Independent thought for a change. It will be up to counties in upstate NY where thoughtfulness will be required to choose a candidate. Do not forget that Schumer passed on George Bush’s concerns regarding how Barney Frank and Chris Dodd were creating havoc in the mortgage market, a precursor to our economic crisis. It is critical that all of you who will vote take the time to google the incumbent’s voting record.

Florida is critical and serious thought should be given to Marco Rubio’s candidacy. It is probable that he will defeat current Governor Crist in the upcoming primary.
Illinois is always a question because of expected voter fraud. Burris is retiring after seeing that being a Senator requires both work and thought. Mark Kirk is the Republican candidate and has a chance if ACORN and SEIU do not interfere in the voting process.

Indiana’s Bayh has chosen to call it quits. There are 5 potential candidates from the Republican party.

Dorgan is giving up his ND seat and will not be missed by many. He could be replaced by present Gov. John Hoeven, a Republican

Jim Bunning is finally retiring. Ron Paul’s son Rand should be given some consideration.

Barbara Boxer of CA is beatable if Californians take a hard look at their state and its dire conditions. She certainly has done nothing for their cause.

Harry Reid of NV. Goodbye and Good Riddance

Patrick Leahy of Vermont has wasted too much of this country’s time and money. He should be retired.

John McCain is a patriot and war hero. He has not been a great Senator for OUR TIME. Hope he can retire comfortably with his wife and allow a true Conservative Republican win in November.

This 2010 election should not be considered a shoo-in for Republicans. Conservatives and Tea Partiers must find a common ground certainly now and absolutely before 2012. There is a lot of hard work ahead. However, it was done in MA, NJ and VA, Anything IS POSSIBLE.



  1. Kathy says:

    Whew! I didn’t realize Dodd was retiring. Did anyone know his grandfather was STALIN?
    Maybe Communist Barney Fudd will bite the dust as well. And who in the hell voted for him anyway?
    Murtha…tisk tisk. Just a nick of the ole colon eh? Maybe the attending surgeon didn’t appreciate the negative HC reform bill? tee hee

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