Having spent my very early years in the Bronx, I became and still am a staunch NY Yankee fan. It took 5 months for Obama to recognize the fact that the Yankees won the World Series. I can imagine that all or most of the team bit their tongues while accepting accolades from the “White Sox” fan who cannot recall one member of  his favorite Chicago team.  The salaries the players earn makes them prime targets for Obama’s projected taxation of “THE RICH”.  Clearly the Yankees had to show up in deference to the office and not to the man. I have always admired Yankee radio broadcaster, John Sterling until he found it necessary to shake the Kenyan’s hand and tell him that he voted for him. I hope Sterling reconsiders both his vote and absurd deference for someone who will destroy everything about this country that we all cherish. I would doubt that Mel Allen or Red Barber would be that condescending.  After all his job does not depend upon his chosen political preference, if that is his chosen preference.

In a recent speech to the DNC, Obama again, use race and discriminatory language while asking that young people, women, Hispanics and blacks come out to support him and his party in November. He has clearly forgotten about the WHITE PEOPLE and NATIVE BORN AMERICANS and ASIANS who make up a good portion of the population. Perhaps because most have come to their senses, at least those who voted for him in 2008, wish to depose the Kenyan who would be KING and the rest of the democrats who deserve to be thrown out of Washington. Obama will use RACE any time it is convenient for him to do so. He does it again in his “fairness” response to Arizona’s new immigration law. While I do not know how it will be enforced, the law had to be enacted to force the hand of the Administration to do something about thousand’s of illegals that reside in that state. Now the anti-everything liberals threaten to mount a campaign to interfere with the economy of Arizona with boycott and obstruction with tourism. IT WON”T WORK.   The media continues to downplay the violence in Arizona while nit-picking for any suggestion of anger among the relatively peaceful Tea Party demonstrations.

Last night Glenn Beck outlined a relationship between a well endowed Joyce Foundation, John Ayers, the brother of Wm. Ayers, George Soros, and a Trillion Dollar carbon credit enterprise in which Gore and Goldman-Sachs have significant financial positions according to Beck. It is no surprise that Gore et al has pushed the Global Warming Fantasy since he might stand to make a considerable amount of money if Cap and Trade is passed.  Beck suggested that Obama, was on the Board of the Joyce Foundation and brokered a deal that helped found the Chicago Climate Exchange that dealt in carbon credits, ultimately tying all of the aforementioned together in 2006 while he was Senator.  I have maintained that the plot to make Obama president was long in the making and well thought out.  This is just another example, along with his relationship to Chicago politics, Ayers, Wright, Alinsky and the group of illegitimate Czars he has collected as his advisers, that might substantiate this.  It is no surprise that Obama gave a speech at a building dedicated to Woodrow Wilson, one of the most Progressive presidents, excluding T. and F.D. Roosevelt that we have had. He continues to espouse progressive legislation, that if enacted, will destroy this country. Obama never lets a crisis go unused, and if the crisis is not self-created, he creates one.  The Senate’s orchestrated beating up of Goldman-Sachs is remarkable considering its relationship with the administration. It must be assumed that Goldman-Sachs will ultimately get a slap on the wrist and Obama will press forward on his finance reform. Remember the last subterfuge when he condemned the insurance companies en mass when one California company was claimed to have raised its rates and health care was passed Did that ever happen? Recall his “fundamentally change” speeches, please. NOVEMBER IS ONLY 7 MONTHS AWAY.

This morning Obama spoke in the Rose Garden and introduced members of a new commission that was to “think tank” its way out of the debacle Obama’s administration has created by virtue of bailouts, and auto industry takeovers and perpetuation of the Barney Frank and Chris Dodd misadventures. If the Commission arrives at a decision to tax the middle class, Obama can just throw up his hands and say it was not his decision to do so.



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