Most states have limited recall for their Governors. In fact, only twenty have written in their state constitutions the ability to do so. Apparently, in 1993 an amendment to the NJ State Constitution allows for the recall of a Senator or member of Congress after one year of service if enough names are provided in petition. In this case slightly more than 1 Million are required. Menendez lawyers have tried unsuccessfully to prevent institution of this petition. While we are at it, we should consider the recall of the other Senator who has consistently voted to increase the national debt by an infinite amount.  Lautenberg ascended when Corzine left the Senate to further ruin New Jersey.  He succeeded the other stellar democrat that sat lightly in Trenton until forced to resign.  Since the American people have become wise and rejected the nature of politics as usual, it is time to check the recall laws of all of the states to see how applicable it might be to as many of the members of Congress voting to overspend and overtax the American people. The government has no money of its own. They just irresponsibly use what WE THE PEOPLE give them. Now there is talk about a V.A.T. similar to what exists in Europe. This would be in addition to the sales tax and what other excise taxes the Congressional whores choose to institute. They have not served the people. They have only served themselves. They have not done the job requested by the people and ignored the protests of the American people who did not want the health care bill enacted as it was. TIME FOR THEM TO BE FIRED and without pension and lifetime benefits. The people of New Jersey have the opportunity to make the courts and the Congress hear their voices loud and clear. Google and do your part.


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