With regard to the what has he done for me lately dialogue, American Jews should take stock of the MAN and his MISSION towards Israel.  Israel is a sovereign nation with established borders and a capital city of Jerusalem which should not and must not be divided. Obama, by interfering in internal Israeli affairs, disturbed the fragile peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians who now see an opportunity to make further demands because of Obama’s meddling. One has to ask if the president’s actions were pre-meditated based upon his apparent fondness for Islam and the arab world. All of his newly stated rhetoric about his determination to fight terrorism(or those bad folks) is to be questioned, since sincerity has not been one of his strong points.  American Jews as well as Americans who support Israel should be up in arms and should question the silence of  Charles Schumer and other Jewish members of the Democratic Congress. Eric Kantor, a Republican, a Jew and a Senator from Virginia has been outspoken on this matter.  The State of Florida has provided retirement and safe haven for millions of Americans from cold winters. Every single one of these people who voted for Obama should take stock of his intent and start by voting Democratic incumbents from office. This should be true of all American Jews who will see through the lies and subterfuge that Obama and his cohorts spew out on a  daily basis. One has to wonder if self-hatred of being a Jew enters into the persistence of those who will continue to support Obama and his disastrous policies. Israel has a perfect RIGHT (not good) to build buildings on its land for whatever purpose it deems necessary. It has  a perfect right not to have Jerusalem divided. Israeli does not need its enemies placed in a better position for attack. Obama will call it a settlement because it refers to temporary occupation of land. Mr. Obama, Israel is here to stay. This administration does not care that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East. Would he support the Terrorist endeavor to drive Israel into the sea?  It is time for American Jews to replace the antiquated “I was born a Democrat” and become more independent in their thinking and in the choices they shall be asked to make in November 2010 and 2012. The foremost argument beyond the Israeli issue and the Obama snub of the Israeli prime minister is that Obama intends to destroy the economy and turn this country into a welfare state. This is HIS plan and HE IS HELL BENT to achieve it. Beware of false prophets who offer hope and change.

Hidden deep in education/student loan portion of the Health Care Bill (?) are provisions to institute a V.A.T (value added tax) on purchases. This is another example of deceit this administration uses to further control (as Dem. Rep. Dingle SAID recently) the American people. This tax has been in place in Europe and Canada at a rate of at least 18%  If they think no one is watching and listening, they have NO respect for the intelligent portion of the American people. Actually, the Obama administration has no respect for the American people, the United States Constitution and Law.  Because of the dire straits States now find themselves in, some are suggesting that many services that we as  a people have utilized tax-free now be taxed. This will be in addition to the high taxes needed to work the unworkable Health Reform and the Cap and Trade if it is passed. The latter would create taxes that will raise the cost of gasoline and home fuel to almost an unaffordable amount.  Find those bills on the internet. Read them and question your representative about issues that concern you. The majority of the legislators have still not read the bill. The accepted the position of senior members in order to deliver their vote. That is those who were not bribed etc.


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