After days, months and years of lying to the American People, Obama last night finally told the truth when he told a Fox News interviewer that he had no idea what was in the health bill. Coupled with the fact that most legislators have not read it or what might not yet have been written, the Democrats are prepared to force this bill down the throats of the people of this country, the majority of whom have rejected it. Today, as Obama signed a bipartisan( I think) jobs bill he again pushed for the Health Care bill whose contents are a mystery to him by his own admission.

The Democrats are “almost giddy” with the cost evaluation of the Health Care bill apparently delivered this morning. At this moment, there is no corroboration of their statement that its cost will come in under One Trillion to the amount of 940 Billion. What a saving? These people will try to sell the American people anything by spinning the truth. Removing 500 Billion dollars from Medicare to pay for this monstrosity will remove services from the elderly leading to many deaths. Scare tactic? No reality. They say this money to be removed is only fraud and waste. This Congress might look into their own daily activities if they wish to eliminate fraud and waste. AMERICA, look at ALL of the small notations slipped in the bill that will affect your daily life. THE MONEY TAKEN FROM MEDICARE WILL BE USED TO INSURE 30 MILLION (SOME ILLEGAL) WHAT A SAVING. WHERE ARE THE DOCTORS WHO WILL TAKE CARE OF THESE PEOPLE. I AM CERTAIN OBAMA WILL FIGURE A WAY TO RUN INNER CITY/COMMUNITY ORGANIZED PEOPLE THROUGH MEDICAL SCHOOL IN ONE YEAR. THAT IS IF THEY EVER LEGITIMATELY ATTEND AND OR GRADUATE COLLEGE. If this disaster is passed, look for the one payer system that Obama has lied and continues to lie about. He won the election, but he was not CROWNED KING. AT LEAST NOT YET.


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