That about sums up most politicians terms in office. You have to wonder why people choose to be come legislators. Clearly because they can utilize each of the above separately or collectively. Lawyers who became tired of chasing ambulances or just were not good at that either envisioned politics as a way to further their income. Most of them are against TORT REFORM.  Local mayors or state senators saw that the big money was in Congress and not in Podunk, USA. The idea that if elected to Congress, they would live off the people who elected them, earn a little on the side by various nefarious means, enjoy all of the Washington perks that included free Social Security and Health Care for life even if they were thrown out of office if convicted of any or all of the above. Alas, they also knew that recall would be a rare occurrence depending upon which party was in power. Additional goodies could be acquired by accepting bribes from lobbyists, and keeping monies not used for travel when on so-called government business.  These politicians could spend the American People’s money on excesses such as expensive hotel rooms, dinners and call-girls with no remorse until they got caught.  Somewhere, there are honorable men and women. That is they start out that way. Some come from families that were “born” Democrats or Republicans. Unfortunately this choice precludes independent thought and self-expression. Others have had no party affiliation since they are open-minded having graduated from a Liberal Arts college, taught that conservatism, was the eighth dirty word one could not say on television. Those who escaped with the ability to choose picked a party based upon the views expressed by its leaders. Unfortunately this recent crop of graduates are good at WI and chuggalugging but short on information regarding what is going on in Washington. They become easy targets for Liberal opportunists who profess CHANge and HOpe and are willing dupes to applaud every word an Obama utters whether they understand it or not. Frankly I do not understand most of what Obama says, and do not believe  he quite understands anything at all.  There are young men and women of good will who are honest before being elected and remain so afterwards. You can count them on one hand. The others are gathered into politics if they are good-looking, can speak English (with some exceptions) and understand there will be expected paybacks to people who gave support. These are the people, once elected, start running for re-election the next day. The present-day Congress is constituted of a mix of all of these types, but alas, most are proficient in greed,graft,deceit, extortion, and lies. This is most evident in the manner in which the liberals in Congress are willing to sell their souls for money “for their people” at home.  If all of the skeletons in the cloak room were released, C-Span would be televising empty chambers. Gosh!. That seems to happen anyhow. What kind of work week do they have and how much time can they take off  Congress makes its own rules regarding salary and raises while not doing the job they were elected for or the job our taxes pay for. Electing an honest man or woman to Congress and keeping them honest is an enigma at the very least.  What does this man we have to call president offer to people to have them change their vote? Does he tell them that the current process that Hoyer says the American people have no interest in, is just subterfuge and the big slaughter of the American People’s freedoms will soon come in due time. Obama and the rest of the communists in this world have the ability to plod along taking away freedoms piece by piece in hopes that we do not realize what is happening. Did not Hitler do just that in Europe? Despite the fact that Communism has not worked, they continue by adopting the tenets of Progressivism and a little bit of Socialism here and there. This plan for the destruction of America as we know it has been in the works for generations. We must elect young, vigorous men and women who can see through Obama’s lies, deceit, etc, make a difference and hopefully remain honest.


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