The individual temporarily living  in the White House, along with Pelosi, Reid and the rest of the scheming Liberal Democrats who support the current piece of obscenity they call health care reform have declared war on the American People. It is no longer a matter of him and his henchman being unaware of the will of the majority of the people. They just don’t care. This is not about health care. It never was. It is only about power and control. It is about usurping our freedoms and illegally re writing the Constitution. These thieves will do anything to get their way. If they were accused of rape, they would declare it consensual. In fact these people are raping America. In an attempt to avoid a vote prescribed by our Constitution, the group of legislative bandits will attempt to pass the health bill in the House without a vote, calling it a deemed vote in the affirmative, passing it on to the Senate for reconciliation. All of this would seem to unconstitutional and if passed should be held up by challenges in the court. Do the idiots in favor of this understand that they will be overtaxed for years before any of their form of salvation goes into effect. All of the uninsured at this date will remain without insurance until some time in 2014. Hopefully after Obama is tossed out of the White House along with his gaggle of hateful advisers, this legislation, if enacted, will be reversed by the majority of Republicans voted into office in November 2010.

Based upon his overt lying to us  and policy regarding Israel, Iran, Venezuela and North Korea, could the American people, comfortably be able to compare Obama to Chavez, Castro, Il, Stalin, Hitler or Mao (A favorite of Obama advisers). And last but not least the little man who runs Iran and whose name I refuse to pronounce. I let you be the judge.

I ask you to forward my blog. I already have 255 so-called spam messages, but only 93 comments all of which have been positive. I only ask that people read it and draw your own conclusion and comment.


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