PT Barnum was a great circus impresario who supposedly said “there is a sucker born every minute.” Obama has become the latter-day PT Barnum, since he believes we are all suckers and will buy into his continuum of lies. Yesterday, he stood in the East room of the White House in front what appeared to be a yellow shower curtain and flanked by people in white jackets, supposedly doctors and laid out “HIS” plan for health care reform. Among the lies was the statement that the American people would continue to have control of their health care. Actually this bill will make the American people buy a “product” ergo health care, whether they wish to or not and provides for stiff fines and possible jail time for those who do not. This is unconstitutional. Health care is still not a right. His plan also will cut Medicaid and Medicare services by $500 Billion  to partially pay for this monster none of us want. It will provide for the formation of committees of bureaucrats who will make decisions regarding whether or not an individual’s need for a treatment or procedure is cost effective depending upon that person’s health and age. I would ask you to recall the word “DEATH PANEL” It is ALIVE and WELL in this bill. This is not a scare tactic. It is a fact. His plan calls for the expansion of health care for up to 30 Million people not currently insured, depending upon which liar’s numbers you choose to believe. This explosion of newly insured, on our dole, will dilute the numbers of physicians currently available, unless Obama plans to rush a group of indigents through medical school by virtue of affirmative action. With the cut in Medicare payments, many physicians may retire or just opt out of providing care to Medicare patients. He did not include TORT REFORM for fear of offending the Trial Lawyers who provided millions of dollars towards his campaign. He said that it was the duty of the states to form more committees to study the issue. The House bill includes National Health provisions(Public Option). The Senate bill provides monies for abortion. Obama is a narcissist who will  not listen to the will of the people and should hear from America if he and his henchman in the White House attempt to run this bill despite protests from the American People. Obama wants a quick “up or down vote.” Let us all give him the DOWN VOTE HE DESERVES by calling the legislators and Senators of their respective districts and States and let them know that America will  not tolerate his totalitarian objectives. Pelosi argues that legislators must have the “courage” to vote the bill in even though it might cost them their seats. This is coming from a none caring $#^% who comes from the most Liberal district in the poverty-stricken state of California.. Let even those who voted for this man, no longer be SUCKERS!


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