In his summation yesterday at the so-called summit, Obama clearly threatened the American people with Health Care as HE sees it, with a rarely used ploy called reconciliation. Despite the soon to be dis-elected, Reid’s protests to the contrary, the  Democrats have discussed its usage more often then not. Their justification is that Republicans have resorted to this on many occasions.  What they do not discuss is the fact that reconciliation was used only with regard to budgetary, incremental issues. If Reid and his GANG use this despite the protests of the American people, every one of their offices should be flooded with petitions to remove them from office now instead of waiting for November.  Obama made it clear too often that HE WON AND HE WAS THE PRESIDENT, while acting as moderator and not very presidential, The man cannot speak without prompters. He showed little respect for the Republicans whom he invited to attend. He talked over anything that might have riled him and was neither fair nor balanced, reminding the group who HE was.  He was his usual arrogant self only surpassed by the arrogance of Reid and Pelosi. He knows he will not be re- elected in 2012, and will do any thing he can to destroy this country while he holds office.

The American people must let this man that they have no tolerance for his actions by calling, emailing, writing and protesting his utter disregard for their wishes. It must be made clear to all members of Congress, that if they try to ram this Health Bill and or Cap and Trade down their throats, they may as well pack their bags now. And for the lawyers among them, let them return to their enjoyment of their third of malpractice awards secured by their refusal to even discuss TORT REFORM.

Good Time Charley Rangel is at it again. It is time that this loser was sent packing as well.  Unfortunately, all of the Botox injections have left Pelosi unable to open her eyes to any of his questionable activities in the name of doing the work of Congress.

Lincoln spoke of a House Divided. This was Obama’s opportunity for unity and he did not care to recall Lincoln’s words. I found it interesting that the Republicans and Democrats were facing each other instead of sitting along side of each other. This supports the conclusion that the entire meeting was an excuse to present the Republicans as a party with nothing to offer but dissent. THIS CLEARLY FAILED!

NEWS FLASH!!!  The Obama administration has finally admitted they have no clue as to what JOBS SAVED means. In an interview today the “gentleman” in charge of RATS another new agency which is supposed to show Obama’s new transparency with regard to waste and fraud in the “Stimulus”, was reluctant to admit that the name “saved” was just made up without meaning.   ANOTHER OBAMA LIE. Let’s see…that would make……………………….thousand? The administrator would not address monies alloted to a California Napa winery, another San Francisco misadventure, a survey of sex in college, and on and on it goes.   Congress should forfeit their pay for all of its good work.


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