I listened from the beginning when this summit (small caps) began at 9:00 am EST, and endured Obama’s inane diatribe about things of which he, clearly, has limited knowledge to the moment when he dismissed John McCain, admonishing him to stop campaigning and that the election was over and HE won. This ($#%^) that many fools elected president has never stopped campaigning.  I endured his 15 to 29 minute responses to Republicans offerings. He really thinks that he has been elected KING. For the most part, the Republicans have tried to offer alternatives with substance while the Democrats have, as a group, offered nothing but anecdotal, tear jerking, true or false reports of people in need of health insurance. Obama does not get it or does not want to get it. The American people do not want HIS form of government-run health care. No one responded to the question about TORT REFORM less a Democrat offend the LAWYERS. Obama did not respond to the question of starting over, because he did want to give up all of the HIDDEN parts of their ILLEGAL Health reform bill. Reid, again came across as an ignoramus who should be retired to all of his ill-gotten gains in Nevada. I would only hope that the American people who took the time to watch this farce understand that Pelosi, Reid, Obama and the rest of the Democrats have one last gasp, that is health care reform. All of them should be drummed out of town at the appropriate time.



  1. newssleuth says:

    I woke up, got up, got my coffee and THERE HE WAS AGAIN!!!

    He pretended to sound smart but he was still lying. Maybe his aides don’t think he understands any of the complex health care issues unless summarized and written at third grade level. Then the simplifies summaries, in easy to read form are teleprompted to him as he reads them to us in his authoritative voice hissing his Ss like the snake he is. Sssssss !

  2. newssleuth says:

    I made a typo. It should read: “simplified summaries, in easy to read form…”

  3. How many people watched the farce and understood it for what it was? Thank you for your comments

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