Obama’s, buddy the director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), Salam Al-Maratati, has been sent over seas to speak on behalf of We The People. This man is an admitted Israel hater and apologist for islamic terrorism who has suggested that Israel be considered a possible perpetrator of 9/11 and defended the rights of Holocaust deniers.  The purpose of his trip was to speak about religious freedom and free speech.  The entity MPAC was established in California (Where all good things begin?) and is believed to have its origins in something called the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood that has inspired such zealots as Ayman al Zawahiri. Could this be the organization currently terrorizing Catholics in Egypt? This buddy of Obama as its director, has opposed every counter terrorism effort made by OUR country not Obama’s country. Additionally this terrorist loving organization has developed relationships with OUR FBI and has been included in Department of Justice meetings. Does anyone in Obama’s government understand the  potential consequences? Apparently not.  Arguing against it might offend Obama because of his MUSLIM leanings?

The following are the credentials that Obama must have considered before sending this “non-illustrious, terrorist loving” man to speak for us at UNESCO, for starters.

Salaam Al-Marayati(Love the name) has 1. CALLED FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL in any way possible 2. Declared that the development of the State of Israel was unjust.  3. Condemns anti terrorist military strikes against Afghanistan and Sudan even if they were in response to Al-Qaeda’s bombings of U.S embassies. 4. Calls Israeli supporters Nazis. 5. Supports any and all Holocaust deniers. 6. Justifies Islamic terrorists assaults upon the US. 7. Blames Palestinian terrorism on Israel.

Under these circumstances, WE THE PEOPLE must consider Obama’s continual subservience to Islamic Terrorism a blight against the United States and any US President who served before him with far better credentials and experience to govern. Our President is either STUPID or cleverly a pawn of ISLAM. For those of the Jewish faith that voted for him, take a good hard look at his real intent and so-called CHANge. THIS MAN IS TRULY AN OBAMINATION.  Keep ticking off the points toward impeachment before he does OUR not his, country more damage.



  1. newssleuth says:

    How come it isn’t?

    Well, maybe stupidity is a grounds to remove a president from office due to mental incapacity and inability to perform his duties as president.

  2. The extreme stupidity of the Democrats came across clearly today. Any politician realizes that voting for this bill means a loss of their seat in 2010 and 2012. Obama will go down in history as worse than the peanut farmer, if that is possible.

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