The problem is that Obama never had the credentials to be President. He was a freshman Senator who spent more time running for office than legislating. He never could bring himself to vote on substantive  issues, and voted present to show he occupied a seat in the Illinois legislature. This has been clearly identified with every decision he was called upon to make during this destructive year that he has occupied the oval office. If this man had sent a resume for president to any company , he would have been immediately turned down. Obama and his henchmen sold 57% of the American public a bill of goods, although it is understood that a certain percentage voted for him because of color. He has lied about transparency. He has lied about the Health Care Bill. He has fudged statistics to make things seem better than they are. This,  after running on a platform on how bad the American economy was and he had  PLAN TO FIX IT. He had no plan, he had only volumes of deceit, because he had been influenced by terrorists and communists and sixty’s radicals who have his ear by virtue of friendships he denies, and the CZAR presence that he has inflated to uncomfortable proportions. These are the type of people with whom he surrounds himself in the White House. The so-called Birthers have been decried as rabble rousing idiots, and even Bill O’Reilly is comfortable with Obama’s explanation regarding his birth. Unfortunately,. there has been no explanation, and he has not been forthcoming about his school and medical records. What makes this man exempt from that which every other president has provided?  More lies? More deceit? Why should the American people think otherwise? What is it about his birth certificate that makes him so uncomfortable? His mother was Caucasian. Could it be that he is listed as one as well?

When Brown won in Massachusetts, one would think that he would finally understand why his polls are down and why both Democrat and Republican incumbents are panicked that they may lose their jobs. Well, they may and many deserve to do so. Without courage of their convictions, many have changed their minds because they like the coziness and free pass they enjoy in Washington. Obama and we have to wait until 2012 when he will hear from the American people who are tired of  kind of his kind of  CHANge. Obama’s answer to the American people is that he has not lectured them enough about health care reform.  I will guarantee that I have seen his face on my TV too often and would like him to cease and desist, although every time he appears he makes a case for dis-election if not impeachment.

Obama has attacked the airline industry and now is after Las Vegas, the city that employs thousands of his union punks who run or belong to SEIU.  We do not need him tell us not to smoke when he smokes. We do not need him to tell us how to wash our hands. We do need him to tell us how to inflate our tires, when it is  his ego that must be deflated. We do not need him to tell us to leave our Toyotas in our driveways. We do not need him to tell us to bring our cars to dealerships for brake repair when the cars have not been officially recalled. This would just cause a stampede on the repair shops.  We do not need him to tell us not to gamble away our childrens’ school savings in Las Vegas, particularly when he is gambling away all of our money on various unnecessary entitlement programs. What we need to hear is that he will tell the Senate and House that Health Care is dead without TORT REFORM, that Cap and Trade would  be an expensive disaster. He should tell us that George Bush’s tax reform would be renewed:that the tax on capital gains would be lowered:the 2010 estate tax relief would not repealed. He should perhaps define transparency as he sees it.

The Federal Government must follow the rules as set forward in the Constitution, To declare that document a living moving ‘whatever’ is an excuse to bend the law to suit itself. If Obama, Pelosi and Reid have every read the Constitution, they should read it again. Obama must understand that the Federal government does not create jobs. The private sector creates jobs, if they were allowed to do so. When one hears and watches Liberal spinners try to explain every thing away,  we hear the Emperors New Clothes story, again and again, because as long as Obama and the Democrats remain in power, they keep their cushy jobs, whether they believe any of their talking points or not. They are hypocrites along with the people they serve.

Will Obama begin to understand what WE THE PEOPLE understand about him? I doubt that since he was long ago programmed in Africa, Indonesia and Chicago, well before he appeared on the scene as the “KENYAN CANDIDATE”. There is no proof that Hawaii holds  any significance at all. all.



  1. crisismaven says:

    He still has a chance after the Founding Fathers to become the “Foundering Father”.

    • If you have read my posts, it should be clear that he is drowning and not just floundering (which, I assume is the pun you meant) The American people must not let him take us down with him. Speak out. !Make your case with facts not fiction. It may be difficult to educate the populace that he is not the messiah, but that we must do. As bright as the people who surround him may be, they have never run a business. Educators, notoriously are left winged liberals. It would behoove parents to look at what their children are being taught and read their ‘history books’. You cannot imagine what is in them and where history is being rewritten to suit the Progressive cause. Time is of the esssence. I do accept your your comment would hope that you might refer this blog to your friends. Education is the key. They will never get it from the local media.

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