The Progressive Party rose to prominence with Theodore Roosevelt in 1912 when he broke away from the Republican party. He called it the “Bull Moose” party as an expression of his own stubbornness. It called for tariff reforms, stricter regulation of industry such as monopolies, womens’ sufferage and the development of child labor laws. The movement flourished with the assistance of  the ‘muckrackers ‘ who called America’s attention to dire situations within certain industries. Despite this, Roosevelt lost the Presidency to Woodrow Wilson and subsequently returned to the Republican party in 1916. It resurged again in 1924 with liberals frustrated with conservative control of both political parties, now reformed, advocating government control of public utilities, collective bargaining with labor unions and lower taxes for the middle class. In 1948, former New Deal democrats dissatisfied with Harry Truman’s policies and war strategy, nominated Henry Wallace who advocated rights for minorities, curbs on monopolies and repeal of the Taft Hartley Act, as the Progressive Party candidate. Support of his candidacy by the American communist party reduced  his appeal and effectiveness and Wallace lost badly in the election where Truman squeaked by Thomas Dewey the Republican candidate for president.

The Vermont Progressive Party led by a so-called Independent, Bernie Sanders, and who is currently a United States senator, supported the 2000 candidacy of Ralph Nader for president. The Green Party of Minnesota, a Progressive Party member supported Nader’s candidacy as well. Wisconsin had an active Progressive Party from 1934 to 1946. Part of the Republican party, it was controlled by the LaFolette family until 1946 when Robert LaFolette, running as a Republican lost in the state primary to Joseph McCarthy.

The Progressive Labor Party was formed by members of the U.S. Communist party who felt betrayed by the Soviet Union which it believed had too strong socialist leanings that led to elitism within the government.  Inspired by the Cuban Revolution and the civil rights movement, it advocated the fight for communism on American soil and expressed its desire to merge with the New Left Thought. The PLP founded the campus based May 2 movement against the Viet Nam war and became the largest communist faction within the SDS with which it merged. After a time some of the SDS/PLP factions broke away forming the Revolutionary Youth Movement. In response, the PLP formed the Worker’s Student Alliance. At the 1969 SDS convention in Chicago, the RYM announced its association with the Black Panthers. The Weatherman, another anti government  group, led by William  Ayers, adopted some of the SDS policies but ultimately yielded to a group called the Committee Against Racism (CAR).

Alinsky, never proclaimed that he was a communist, but advocated policies that certainly would crush the American economy, bringing this country to its knees. Clearly, Obama has adopted them in theory as shown by his take over of the banking and automotive industry, and development of a huge deficit that will take years to get under control if at all. Even the Chinese, huge lenders of moneys that supported this country in recent years, has reduced its loan to barely 4% of the original. Obama’s relationship with revolutionaries such as William Ayers and the Reverent Wright certainly has influenced his policies no matter how often he denies these people who have been given status and privilege in the White House. Chicago is an area where bad things seem to happen. It is the base of ACORN, the organization Obama has earmarked billions of dollars to, despite it being investigated for voter fraud in a number of states. He worked as a community organizer and represented these groups as attorney for a number of years. Are these groups offshoots of the communist labor movement described above? Aren’t these the same people who decided that assimilation into the communities, organizing the impoverished and waiting for the chance no matter how long it might take to FUNDAMENTALLY  CHANge the face of this nation.  Didn’t Obama advocate this during his campaign speeches in 2008. Has he not again expressed his support of the Progressive Movement in many of his recent speeches? The Black Panthers , a group that rose to prominence in the 1960’s seem to have been at polling places during the 2008 presidential election for the purpose of intimidation of the voters. Despite Obama’s denials to the contrary, he is a Bolshevik . When will the rest of the United States wake up to the fact that he is hell-bent upon destroying this country no matter how many times he meets with Republican’s whose ideas he has no interest in accepting under any circumstances, if they interfere with his long-range plans.


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