During his speech on Wednesday, Obama rebuked the Supreme Court because of a recent decision that he and his handlers disapproved of, and then gloried in the standing ovation given by the Liberal democrats and their balcony packed supporters. The members of the Court had to sit quietly during this disgusting display of orchestrated partisanship. Justice Samuel Alito quietly disagreed, which was his right under our first amendment, considering the lies voiced by the man who temporarily occupies the  White House. This  rebuke comes from a man whose candidacy  was more than likely supported with foreign money, possibly from Saudi Arabia(his sugar daddy for education?) and other muslim countries to which he seems to owe some allegiance. He is living in the PEOPLES’ HOUSE rent free until 2012 when he and his policies will be rejected by the majority of the American people. Hopefully, the 2010, congressional elections will be the equalizer, instrumental in containing any further damage this president will attempt to press upon our country and its people.


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