The President continues to take OUR money and either spend it irresponsibly or give it away under the guise of entitlements. Mr. Obama, if you want to share the wealth, feel free to share yours and LEAVE OUR MONEY ALONE. His latest plan is to provide money for student loans that would be completely forgiven after twenty years, or forgiven after ten years if the loan recipient agreed to some form of government service, yet to be defined. His slogan should be “ALL DEADBEATS ARE WELCOME.” He wants to distribute unused or returned TARP money as if it was his own to spend. This is not LEGAL, and he fails to understand that he is not omnipotent. When will he understand this simple principle. He works for the people, and not despite them. He may not like the term servant since it may not be politically correct in his way of thinking, but he is a POLITICAL SERVANT of the American people. It is clear that reducing taxes and giving tax incentives to small business will drive the economy. The government must get out of the bank and automotive business, and since it has been irresponsible with regard to its handling of Medicaid and Medicare, stay out of our health care. If you want to recover money’s fraudulently spent, take a hard look at all the illegal recipients of Medicaid funds.Unfortunately, the people issuing those checks, find it easier to do so rather than do investigative work. In yesterday’s conference with Republican House members, Obama was condescending, vague in the answers that he chose to give, and failed to respond to questions about his failed promise of transparency. Continuing to blame the Bush administration for his own personal failure has become quite stale. Republicans must be allowed to take part in the legislative process if permitted to do so by the likes of Reid and Pelosi. Accusing them of being obstructive and then denying it on public television shows the true Obama, a person who cannot function without teleprompters, has yet to have an original thought and believes that the American people will continue to accept his lies. Unfortunately, there are too many ignorant people who will continue to do so.


  1. newssleuth says:

    Thanks for stopping by WTPOUS!! I’m really enjoying your DO NOT TREAD ON US blog. Come back over and visit us.


  2. newssleuth says:

    Did you notice how he talks down to us like we’re stupid. Really ticks me off. Plus he thinks he is going to get his own way, continue to spend as much as he wants and ram through legislation most Americans don’t want. I couldn’t believe he is still pushing Cap and Trade.

    • He thinks he is an elitist since he attending both Columbia and Harvard. More than likely attending via affirmative action. In his speeches he refers to the Progressive movement as does H. Clinton who considers herself a ‘modern progressive’ what ever that means. Obama has been programed from the time the Chicago, Democratic mob received him, and groomed him after laundering his Kenyan birth records. While I have no evidence of this, I believe it nevertheless. Every conservative must become informed as to the significance of the Progressive movement as well as the influence Alinsky and Marx has had upon Obama. As much as he might protest, he is not to be trusted.

  3. I agree. I am writing from Woodstock, NY surrounded by unrelenting progressive/liberals. Found a letter to the editor from an educator who lives in West Shokan, NY..in a Phoenicia, NY newspaper, which if you do not know, is in the heart of the Catskills. It was refreshing to find someone else with a conservative view willing to defy the locals.

    Your blog is both clever and informative. Keep the pressure on…………………….

  4. 4amzgkids says:

    Great article – I do agree he blames Bush but while Bush was in – the democrats were in charge for the last 2 yrs and that’s when it all started to fall apart.

  5. You remember what the Liberals want us to forget. I have hopefully come in contact with a brilliant conservative in upstate NY where progressive liberals seem to temporarily dominate. Keep in touch.

  6. bridgetteb says:

    We appreciate having you visit WTPOTUS. We’ll watch your blog for informed topics.

    Yikes, you are living right in the middle of a progressive area… and Woodstock no less! .Maybe you are there to teach them a thing or three!

    Best of luck to your blog…Love the name!

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