Obama:Our Non-Wonderful Wizard of OZ

For those of you who recall the story line in the “Wizard of Oz”, the great wizard, behind the curtain, was a fraud. We have our own so-called wizard in Obama, who stands not behind the curtain but behind a podium, spouting rhetoric that would infuriate our founders. He has had the audacity to cite the Constitution, whose laws have secured our country for over 200 years, while clearly despising what it stands for. I cannot fault his calling for Republicans and Democrats to meet in a non-partisan fashion, but I believe he is using this ploy just to pacify the public. He makes the point that the dire state of the economy was one of the reasons that he chose to run for President. I doubt that, since he was groomed over the years by a variety of handlers who had long ago planned to turn this country toward Socialism. Clearly, his programs have done nothing but worsen the situation, but, after all, that was the plan. For those of you who do not know the names Alinsky, or Karl Marx, I invite you to google those names as well as  to look up the PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT. He has bashed the banks, that he had bailed out, many of whom have paid back the so-called loans. He claims mystical jobs saved and re-energized. Is he still delusional, or does he believe that we will believe his LIES? I think both. He claims that he has cut taxes, but where is the evidence. He has made no mention of keeping the Bush tax cuts. He has made no mention of reducing the tax on capital gains. With regard to Health Care Reform, he has never acknowledge that TORT REFORM was never on the table. Nor has he discussed that the Democratic majority kept the contents of THEIR BILL private. He has not acknowledged his failure to have government transparent. He claims that small businesses are hiring. I would like a list of them. He states that within five years our exports will double. Specifically, what products could he mean. This man just shoots from the hip and his mouth and expects us to accept everything he says. Why not? Is he not the messiah? Certain mainstream tv opinionists seem to think so. Chris Matthews last night, after hearing Obama’s speech, said something to the effect of, ‘after listening to Obama for an hour, I almost forgot he was black.’ Is this racist or not? Don’t wait for NBC or its affiliates to report it. This just about exceeds his earlier comment during Obama’s run for the presidency that he felt a thrill run up his leg. I would worry more what might have run down his leg. If a conservative made such a racially charged remark, you bet we would have heard it played over and over on the mainstream meia. There was verbal acceptance by some young people with regard to Obama’s offer of their paying back only 10% still owed on student loans. That is as long as they gave 10 years of their live to government service. Does that include wearing brown shirts in Obama’s student army? Today Iran executed two people for their participation in recent anti-government protests. The White House response was a mild reprimand stating that this would not do much to improve Iran’s standing in the world.

Today, Obama was in Tampa for another rehearsed bit of propaganda. For those of you who live in Tampa, please take it for what it is worth. THE WIZARD IS STILL HIDING BEHIND THE CURTAIN!


One Response to Obama:Our Non-Wonderful Wizard of OZ

  1. newssleuth says:

    Looks like I’m commenting on everything you write.

    I agree with you. I too, think O is an empty suit but I don’t think he knows it. He gets his ego stroked and told how great he is and believes all those wonderful things he is told about himself. He’s offended when criticized too, like the egomaniac he is.

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