Mr. Obama either remains in a state of denial, or his bloodthirsty handlers refuse to allow him to do what he should do to right this SHIP OF STATE. His ego has not allowed him to understand that it is not “all about him”. The will of the people must be accepted by these White House “advisors” who are hell-bent upon turning this country into a Socialized/Communist state. If not, all of the Congress will be turned out to pasture instead of just some of them in November, unless his Czars push Obama into utilizing a a”CRISIS” to take over government  with a  greater  misuse of power. These people will continually blame George Bush for every misstep that this administration has taken. The American people are wise to this nonsense, and Massachusetts has led the way. The problem with these elitists is that they are not as smart as they think they are. Every day that passes and each day that Obama gives another speech, so he can be heard, and not the people, it becomes clearer that he passed through college and law school basically via the route of AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, most likely by just being PRESENT. Recently, he spoke to a 6th grade class using his visual aids. I wonder how he did with “Cat In The Hat” or “Horton Hears A Whoo”.



  1. 4amzgkids says:

    It is frustrating, he promised so much and delivered nothing!

    • I appreciate your comments and from its content, I must assume your are among the many who voted for Obama. Today, he will address how he plans to support the middle class with tax relief, but unless he allows the Bush tax credit to continue, it will be all smoke and mirrors. He has delivered nothing, and because White House Czars are the people from whom he asks advice, this leopard will not change his spots. Instead he just continue to blur them a little. The sudden Liberal change of heart is due only to the fact that their jobs and potential of re election is in jeopardy. This goes for Republicans as well. Massive house cleaning is needed in Washington, particularly the White House.

  2. 4amzgkids says:

    No, I did not vote for him. He is neither pro-life or experienced. I do think we need to support him the best we can though because it weakens the country when we don’t. I don’t agree with him, I despise the health plan and all that he stands for because he is so far left but at the same time – this country needs unity. I hope Obama realizes this and works hard to correct it.

  3. I do not disagree with support for the President of the United States, but he must be called to task if his policies continue to erode our economy, create a national debt that our children will be burdened with, and continue to drive us into Socialism. He was allowed to do all this because there were no checks and balances in Congress, as provided by the instrument Obama despises, the US Constitution. Hard to like a man like that.

  4. 4amzgkids says:

    I agree!

  5. 4amzgkids says:

    I think everyone is beginning to see the light 🙂 I just hope he turns things around soon!

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