Robert Gibbs in an interview by Chris Wallace yesterday, had the audacity to tell him and the Fox News viewers that the “underwear bomber” had been interrogated for about 60 minutes and “all that was to be learned was accomplished in about 60 minutes”.  Of course they read him his rights and he refused to speak afterwards Respected former intelligence agents have said that the job was incomplete and therefore inadequate.  Shortly thereafter, he was turned over to the federal judicial system and would not be tried as a war criminal. This, apparently, was by order of  Attorney General Holder, who has been asked by many to resign for his handling of the five terrorists, who have already admitted to conspiring to destroy the Trade Towers and who should be tried by military tribunal along with the Nigerian who tried to blow up the Detroit bound plane. What is it that this government does not understand? Why won’t it listen to the will of the majority of the American people. The year 2012 can not come too soon to rid this country of Obama, his Czars and the rest of the people whose intent is to destroy our economy and way of life. These handful of people and 260 congressional partisan dupes are conspiring to change us into a Socialist/Communist country. The people from Massachusetts have been heard from. Soon the rest of the country shall be heard from as well. Encourage good people to run for office in November, if you can find any, that is.



  1. 4amzgkids says:

    I agree that they all should be tried by the military – they are NOT U.S. citizens and it makes no sense whatsoever. These people have declared war on the U.S. and should be treated as war criminals. Instead they get American rights and they’re not even American and it will cost the tax payers millions.

    • Thanks again. We really are on the same page. In the past, most parents sacrificed everything for their children. Their work ethic was different since the objective was to make the world even better than it was for them. This was my experience and certainly what I had envisioned for my “four amazing kids”. In order to keep this administration down a straight and narrow path, it must not be allowed to pursue its present course. Google Obama’s Czars. If you have not already learned who they are, do so and pass it on to liberal and conservative friends. The only way this country will get back on sure footing, is for its people to educate themselves by hearing both sides of the story and not be all accepting of Obama’s philosophy, because some of them were “born, so to speak, Democrats”. Most will not debate the issue since they lack the facts. So many voted for Obama with emotion and not reason since those of college age are basically liberal and are taught by exceedingly liberal professors. If they are so afraid that the professor will lower their grade for disputing his philosophy, they must also understand that he does not accompany them into the privacy of the voting booth. They accept without question what NBC and its cable affiliates propagandize. Slowly, the White House reporters are asking questions that R. Gibbs cannot or will not answer and this has angered them. Those who educate themselves can be assured that in most instances, they will have enough information to make a decision. I don’t know if you watch or like Glenn Beck on Fox, but he is worth a look.

  2. 4amzgkids says:

    Yes, Fox is the best and I do love Glen Beck 🙂 What I don’t understand is why there have been no law suits against the main stream channels for only showing one side. It should be illegal – it’s almost like a dictatorship – they show what they want people to believe. We need to have both sides shown equally so we can make decisions for ourselves.

    Great articles!

    • Our first amendment provides for freedom of speech, so the so-called mainstream media, comedians, etal have a right to editorialize as they see fit. Usually, there is nothing to be learned from CNN or the NBC affiliates since their commentators are not providing news but their biased opinion. It is up to the public to decide to listen to both sides and make a decision. Sadly, these channels provide one point of view and are laden with lies and not facts when presenting their opinions. Fox certainly is more balanced. What we all have to be aware of is the Fairness Doctrine, which is not fair at all. It is akin to affirmative action, but its intent is to control freedom of speech on the airways, doing away with conservative points of view. I have not read or purchased the NY Times for almost twelve years, since I have found it so biased when they editorialize on the front page where raw news is to be presented. That is my particular choice since I don’t feel that there is something to gain if I read it. The local TV stations present their opinions and not the news in general. I am capable of drawing my own conclusions without them telling me how and what to think. It is very difficult to listen to MSNBC where the commentators rant and rave without substance, but you cannot sue them for doing so. This is why I can watch Fox, since I will know if there is a bias, and I can deal with it, because both sides of the argument are allowed, and both protagonists are given adequate and equal time to present their case.

  3. 4amzgkids says:

    I do understand what you are saying – however, it is unfair and should be illegal to show only one view. There are so many people out there that just don’t understand and trust the news that they see. It is both unfair and unjust that they have to deal with this. It is very much a conspiracy when they only show what they want people to believe. I do know that FOX is winning over many and that will be great for all. What about those poor souls that do not have cable/satellite news channels? I just feel there is something we should all be doing about this but I don’t even know where to begin!

    • I understand completely, but this is why it is so important to encourage people to educate themselves politically so they can, if they want, make better decisions. Look at NJ,MA and VA, three very democratic states that recently chose Republican candidates because they have suddenly realized that there was a choice. Try get your friends into honest debates. Those that immediately call names and quote propaganda will be a lost cause. In NJ the next step is to vote OUT Menendez in Nov. If there is a Democratic incumbent in your state, check out his voting record. It is available on the internet. Depending upon their age, get your children involved in watching something else than movies, text messaging, and theme ridden birthday parties. Best to start them during the teen age years if one can. Explain that if Obama’s health plan and Cap and Trade go through, they will be paying for it for much of their lifetime. People must understand that Global warming is very much a figment of Al Gore’s financially driven imagination.

  4. 4amzgkids says:

    Yes Global warming is crazy. Great video you sent you should put that on your blog. I do my best to get my views out there but all of my friends are conservative and think the same way. My kids too …we discuss many things!

    Keep up the good work – hopefully many will see this blog.

    • I would hope that you send the blog to both conservative and liberal friends of yours, since I am secure enough to debate them. Please have your children send their own opinions since it is healthy and for them educational. If they need any information, I would gladly supply web sites or they can google it on their own. Get the kids friends involved since they will soon be of voting age. It is never too late to have an opinion. At least provide enough information that might allow that to happen. Look at today’s blog.

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