Robert Gibbs, who should give up his day job, and in the wake of a significant loss to the Republicans in the Massachusetts Senate race, could  not today, answer any questions with honesty from media reporters. If any of you are old enough to recall a sitcom called Hogan’s Heroes, A “good-natured nazi” named Schulz was always put in a position to declare that, he knew nothing about anything.  Gibbs attested to the fact that he knew NOSING. The response Gibbs produced was clearly a defense of his president who has angered the majority of the American people. As usual, instead of taking any responsibility, he has used the usual Liberal defense to attack. This administration will not change its stripes. Their agenda is to destroy the American economy. Democrats will have to do a great deal of soul-searching as whether they wish to support Obama’s absurd policies or regroup in a manner to salvage their political lives. Despite how the Democrats spin it, Scott Brown won a major victory in a very liberal state because, even the most liberal are angry and suspicious of Obama’s motives and his off the wall spending of our tax payers’ monies. Soon there might be enough reason to impeach this president for the manner in which he has weakened the security of this nation, allegedly contributed to the bribery of some so-called statesman for their votes, and steadily followed Alinsky’s mantra of how to quickly force socialism upon the United States whether the people want it or not. Pelosi and Reid and the lemur/democrats who march lock step with them, are arrogant, divisive , deaf and have shown that they have no reason to continue legislating for the American people.

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