The Liberal Democrats, huddling in secrecy, continue to misuse their powers by providing more of our tax payer money as bribes. This time, not to themselves, but to unions such as SEIU whose “BOSS” went to the White House this week and demanded that the language that dealt with the so-called tax on Cadillac health insurance, be changed to exclude the unions until the year 2018 regarding a tax that everyone else would be forced to pay.They have also been guaranteed that their eye and dental care would not be subject to tax at that time. Obama apparently accepted their terms since they threatened that their members would not to “show up” for the 2010 and 2012 elections. This is just another example of the FRAUD this administration will impose upon the American people. This country will revolt at the ballot box because the President, his CZARS, his press secretary and the rest of his appointees ARE REVOLTING. Brown will win the Senate seat in Massachusetts on Tuesday, unless ACORN, THE BLACK PANTHERS, SEIU and the rest of O’s thugs create more voter fraud and intimidation. The Democrats of Massachusetts are tired as are the rest of the country, of every indecent and potential criminal act that this congress will attempt to enact into law. 1776, all over again. LEXINGTON AND CONCORD, and the rest of the angry people of Massachusetts, MAKE YOUR STAND for democracy, and the American people who depend upon you.

The Amish have been exempted from purchasing Health Insurance for religious reasons. THEREFORE, ARE WE NOT ALL AMISH?



  1. carol says:

    Obama is going to Boston on a shopping trip! Who will he buy there? Scott Brown is the winner….but who will get the seat?

    • Carol, when Brown wins as did Christie in NJ despite Obama’s help for Corzine, it will make Obama, THE TERRIBLE, appear less effective than he currently is. It will be a mandate of his inadequacy and make him as big a loser as his candidate, unless of course, he turns loose his thugs from ACORN and SEIU upon the voters.

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