I would assume that most of the American public is unaware of a rarely publicized report that Reid has hidden in section 3403 of the Senate Health-Care Bill, a provision that would not allow a future Congress to amend or repeal. This provision 3403 creates an Independent Medicare Advisory Board(IMAB)  whose aim would be “to reduce the percapita rate of growth of Medicare spending”. The IMAB would “recommend changes to the Medicare program to limit its spending growth”, and these recommendations would go into effect unless Congress refuses to accept this provision. If allowed to be part of this bill and passed, its constitutionality and  more over the constitutionality  of the entire bill must be challenged. The IMAB will be made up of unelected, most like uniformed, bureaucrats.  Is Harry Reid a tyrant and despot? It certainly seems so by the manner in which he has used his power to hold secret meeting on the health bill excluding Republicans. It seems clear that he will lose his Senate seat in November and we will be rid of him, but we do not want this bill to be his last fifteen minutes of fame, because he will never be remembered for anything else. History, if it is recorded honestly in our children’s school books will show that the 111 congress has been one of the most corrupt and that the democratic party that was in the majority, will have contributed to the demise of the American economy. A recent book written by journalists and filled with gossip has revealed Reid saying uncomplimentary racist things about Obama. I did not mention the word alleged since Reid had has acknowledged this and continues to make daily apologies .  Republicans have asked for his resignation, but he has been so well supported by his party, black and white alike, that this will not happen. Hypocrisy remains the mission of the LIBERAL/DEMOCRAT.

In Massachusetts(I can spell the name of state, while the democratic candidate apparently cannot) the Republican has a  chance to beat the democrat whose expertise in foreign policy allowed her to utter , during a televised debate, that there were no more terrorists in Afghanistan.  This senate seat is not owned by the Kennedys where they can dictate a successor, The Republican has come out against the Health Bill. The people of Massachusetts have had their fill of a disastrous socialized health plan they were forced to subscribe to. Now even if the senate seat is won by a Republican, Reid will find a way to stall his seating in the Senate before the bill comes up for a vote. This  is considered politics as usual by democrats.  Actually it deceit and fraud, since 80% of the American people object  to Harry Reid’s Health Bill. The congressmen and  Senators have heard it from their constituents and refuse to listen to the people who pay their salary, rent, health care, and perks. The  Amish do not wish to purchase health care. Will they all be jailed by Reid, Pelosi, Obama and their thugs?


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