For better than 24 hours we were bombarded by White House announcements from the National Security Adviser that when Obama’s holds his press conference concerning the Christmas(not alleged) underwear bomber the American people would be shocked at what he would say. There was no shock other than the fact Obama has finally acknowledged that we are at war with terrorists, who hate us. I do not recall him “connecting the dots” which is the current euphemism for people in high security jobs doing their job properly. He did a mia culpa without using the words ” my bad” (thank goodness) and stated that the BUCK stopped with him. Harry Truman used the same phrase many years ago, but you knew he meant it when HE said it. I am not sure about the current occupant of the White House. Harry Truman’s BUCK was worth considerably more than Obamas. It would seem that repatriating Yemeni terrorists held in Guantanamo  back to Yemen has been put on hold. That is a good idea. But even with acknowledging that we are at war with terrorists, he has hardly completely identified the enemy yet. Given this, the murderer of thirteen Americans at Fort Hood will be tried by a military tribunal, therefore it stands to reason that the five 9/11 admitted terrorists and the Nigerian bomber should also be tried by military tribunal and not in Federal Court. Guantanamo must be kept open and prisoners should not be shipped to the Illinois  prison. If the terrorists hate us because of Guantanamo why would anyone believe that they would like us better if they were incarcerated on American soil. When he talked about connecting the dots, he failed to mention the connection between the Nigerian bomber, the Fort Hood assassin and the New Mexico born Imam terrorist hiding in Yemen. NY mayor Bloomberg, who initially praised the idea of having the five 9/11 terrorists tried in the shadow of where the Twin Towers once stood, now protests any NY tax payer’s money being used in any way with regard to the trial. Our CIA is waking on eggs now, afraid to do something not politically correct, and this jeopardizes the security of this country. Although Obama has conceded that the fault lies with himself, perhaps he should have included Rahm Emanuel whom I believe has more influence on the President’s decisions than the vice president. Actually what is Biden’s function? People in the know have indicated openly that Napolitano is way over her head and should resign. John Brennan and downhill skier Leiter should follow.

Hillary Clinton has come to the conclusion that Islam hates us because of the poverty that exists in their world. Someone should remind her that most of the 9/11 terrorists, the Nigerian bomber,the Jordanian doctor and ben Laden himself came from wealthy families. The Fort Hood murderer was well to do living quite high on the hog as well. (MY BAD: pork is verboten)


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