Chris Dodd of Connecticut, will not seek re-election for his Senate seat. The bad news is that he is still there. Two other Democratic Senators from Michigan and North Dakota have also announced that they plan to retire as well. It is encouraging that both the Health Bill and Cap and Trade may not reach the President’s desk if other democrats seeing the hand writing on the wall may change their vote to Nay. In Dodd’s case he carries a lot of baggage. His sweet heart deals are still suspect, and he was influential with regard to the AIG debacle. He has too much to answer for to his constituents.  Sadly, it has been common for the Liberal members of Congress not to pay heed to constituent concerns.

The America people are fed up with the business as usual attitude of Obama and his administration. If anyone recalls, Obama ran on a platform that included transparency. We have seen none of that since Jan. 20 2009. Instead we have back room meetings with the exclusion of Republicans who are then accused of having nothing to contribute other than negativity. Instead of transparency, we have obfuscation. Instead of leadership, we have apology.  C-SPAN has asked to be able to broadcast the proposed closed meeting of Democratic leaders where the Health Care bill is to  be discussed. It would be to Obama’s political advantage to allow it. Reid doesn’t matter since he will lose his Senate seat this year along with many other liberal bottom feeders. The Democrats as a group have been shown that they are not to be trusted. Unfortunately for NJ, Lautenberg has a few  more years, but it is time to vote Menendez out of the Senate.

The reason for Obama’s lack of transparency: He wants to keep hidden his agenda to turn our country into a Socialist State, run  by the Czars he surrounds himself with.  Most of the intelligent American people have figured it out.


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