Ask most people how secure they feel flying and they will tell you that they do not feel at all secure. Despite this, many fly because they have to. Obama has placed inept, untried people into positions that are supposed to provide security for reasons of political payback. Why else would he have placed Napolitano as head of Homeland Security. As noted in a previous blog she must be fired. It is time that Obama recognized that we have enemies out there and they are Jihadist, Terrorist Muslims. He must reverse the position taken with regard to placing the  Nigerian terrorist in the hands of the Federal government and move him into military custody where he can be properly interrogated as an enemy combatant and not a petty thief. The same should be done with the five terrorists implicated in 9/11. They should remain in Guantanamo and tried by military tribunal. The American people should  not foot the bill for the trials or the huge cost of security that will be needed. Both political parties have done a lot of finger-pointing with regard to the lapse of security that allowed the Nigerian terrorist to board the plane. It is clear that when a young muslim buys a one-way ticket with cash and has  no luggage, he is more suspect than a white 95-year-old lady from Indiana.  Both Democrats and Republicans must come together as Americans. Their families are just at risk as others, except for Pelosi et al who have their own jumbo jets at their disposal. We, as a nation must acknowledge the importance of our security and start profiling NOW. Obama’s speech today must contain many changes regarding his attitude toward terrorists and start using the words WAR ON TERRORISM as if he meant it.



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