While Obama plays in the Hawaiian surf, it is business as usual for Napolitano who has expressed the view that all was done that could have been done to flush out the TERRORIST MUSLIM NIGERIAN who almost blew up the Northwestern flight destined for Detroit that could have resulted in the loss of 278 lives in addition to who might have died on the ground. Another expression of terrorism that this administration continues to be politically correct about. One has to wonder why Obama waited three hours before issuing his luke warm statement. For some one who  been in our face ad nauseum for the past eleven months,  he has been relatively quiet on this current issue of near miss death in the American skies. Could it be because he was foreign-born (his birth certificate remains hidden) and was raised in Indonesia and for a while attended Muslim schools? It would seem he does not want to offend or anger the people HE HAS CHOSEN. He does extend the dove of peace. He accepts the lawlessness of HIS PEOPLE at the expense of the American people. You have to look at the ineffectual, cloutless, clueless people he has nominated for cabinet positions, the Liberal Congress in their partisan way has accepted and confirmed these people who would ignore the many warnings that TERRORISTS can still fly into this country prepared to do harm. It was no coincidence that the Nigerian Terrorist, alone or with the coordinated effort of terrorist cells in Europe chose Christmas day to wreck his havoc. Mike Gallagher in a Fox interview this morning, suggested that  Muslims have their own line at the airport so to be better dealt with. We understand that this will offend many people, but if it saves one American life isn’t it worth it? Throw political correctness into the trash designated as no longer useful.

We have to question the job our anti-terrorist organization is doing with the regard to the following: The Nigerian Terrorist was not on a “NO FLY” list: His father had notified authorities that his son was active with terrorist groups: He was listed as questionable: he was denied a visa from Britain: He had a one way ticket and no luggage. How much more do airforce antiterrorist authorities need to examine and question such an individual. Why does Holland believe that Muslim terrorists would not attack it? There is a history of such an attack not that many years ago. Napolitano’s answer is to look more carefully. WHEN? Democratic congressmen’s answer is to call a commission. ANOTHER DERELICTION of duty, NON-INTELLECTUAL thought and reason to send them packing. We do not need a think tank or another Congressional committee. We need the CIA and the FBI to work to remove the threat in any way reasonable. We need the CIA and FBI unfettered and allowed to do their job. We need Madam Napolitano removed from her job and send back to where she came from.

Today, whether by coincidence or not another Nigerian boarded the same flight to Detroit in Amsterdam and barricaded himself in the plane’s lavatory creating a frightening period of time for the passengers. If this man were truly ill, he should have asked for help. It has been reported that he was verbally abusive to some of the crew. The FBI did interrogate the man and had him released.   This is another example of the heightened tension created by Obama’s hands off policy. Perhaps profiling should be extended to all presidential candidates and their political appointees whether for Cabinet or just plain old Csars .


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