It is time to set forward an impeachment process to remove Obama from office.  Today he signed an executive order removing  all restrictions on Interpol with regard to actions they may take against US citizens in the United States. This allows this international police force to act independent of our FBI and CIA.  Ronald Reagan signed the original order to protect our citizens from any action taken by Interpol against them.  Obama continues to act to remove our freedoms one by one. He is not upholding his oath of office to protect those rights provided for by the  Constitution which we all know he despises. It is time for this individual to be impeached to prevent the loss of more of our liberties.  He has become a tyrant no different from any who have preceded him in history. Things will get significantly worse if he is allowed to continue as he has. IMPEACHMENT FOR ACTS AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!!!! Clinton’s impeachment was instituted for an issue that would never have endangered this country or its people. What this president is doing is far more serious.


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