Senator Whitehouse of Rhode Island, I assume took an oath of office to uphold the Constitution, and part of that document assures FREEDOM OF SPEECH. This pompous oaf, however used an accusation of RACISM for any one who did not approve of the Harry Reid Health Bill, stating (and I paraphrase), that disapproval of the latter was based upon a rejection of Obama because he was a black man.  He is a disgrace to his office, the people of Rhode Island who hopefully will not re-elect him, and to all intelligent American People who find his action reprehensible. When will such ignorant Liberals crawl out of the gutter and try to have a reasonable discussion on issues without using race or scare tactics to prove a point.  He had better look back at his high school history, where the abolition of slavery whose beginning can be traced, by the way, to Muslims in Northern Africa, occurred during Lincoln’s, a Republican, term in office and cost thousands of American lives and destruction of unimaginable amounts of  property. He should read about and relate to Martin Luther King’s marches, and efforts during the years of the Civil Rights Movement and sadly ultimate martyrdom in 1968. Too often, some black leaders cry race at every opportunity. Here we have a Caucasian, I think, using it to justify an illegal piece of legislation that might yet be found to be unconstitutional based on among other things, the use of bribes and extortion to buy the vote of United State Senators who will be drummed out of office in disgrace come their next attempt at re-election.  If this trash of a bill is passed, the American people must not give up and accept it. Remember it will be passed against the will of the American people. No, Mr. Whitehouse, we do not object to having a black man for president. WE JUST OBJECT TO THIS BLACK MAN WHO HAS LIED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ever since he appeared on the public scene.


2 Responses to Whitehouse of Rhode Island: A DISGRACE TO HIS OFFICE AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE

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