Obama has been yelling fire in the theater for the past weeks in an effort to scare the American people into believing that they really need Health Care or the country will be bankrupt. Another day, and another lie from this disingenuous person who may yet be proven on January 26 2010 not legally president and asked to vacate the White House. Apparently Nelson was promised that his state of Nebraska would never again have to pay its share of Medicaid if he supported the bill, and  he is accepted Obama’s offer. His mother and wife must be very proud of their son and husband becoming Obama’s WHORE. None of the other 49 states should put up with this, or 56 using Obama’s count of how many stars there are on our flag. Now it is up to the Republicans to make Reid read the  bill in its entirety with periods and commas included. These idiots in Congress plan to vote on a bill that involves 1/6 of the economy with most not ever having read it. For this reason alone they should be drummed out of Washington without any benefits.  Perhaps the blizzard will prevent them from leaving the Capitol today. They deserve to be forced to be in each others company for an unlimited and stressful period of time. The liberals would consider that tantamount to waterboarding. Exactly how deep in the sewer does this legislature plan to creep?  IT IS TIME FOR A REAL CHANGe and not Obama’s kind. There would not be enough tar and feathers available to ride these people out of Congress on a rail, but it would be fun collecting as much of it as  we can for that particular purpose.


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