Apparently it cost $10 Million dollars to send our glorious comrade Obama and H. Clinton and Pelosi et al to Copenhagen to enjoy that city’s worst snowfall in recent history. The net result was zero for us and Ms. Clinton promised $10 Billion per year for ten years to the so-called developing nations with China and India choosing not to participate in whatever they were asked to do about decreasing the pollution of the planet. At a time when our economy is tanking despite the administration’s spin, what right had she to make that promise without the advice and consent of Congress. Sadly with this Congress, that also might prove to be moot, unless its members showed the balls to stand up to the tyranny fostered by this president and his array of White House radicals. The good news is that the future appears to be brighter for conservatism because the American people are fed up with government and hopefully will turn out in huge numbers to dis elect those deserving of such an intelligent action.  Obama returned with hat in hand and while he did not make his usual apology for America, he accomplished nothing of substance. The year  2012 cannot come too soon to make an important CHANGe.

The East Coast of the nation is gearing up for a nor’easter and it is expected to drop some 12-14 inches or more on Washington. I am certain that the Global warming faction will insist that the storm is of no significance in their deceitful march to save the planet and ruin this country.

The soon to be ex-Senator from Nevada still remains hidden in his office with the mysterious Health Care Bill that he alone is apparently writing. In an outright display of lying, Senator DICK Durbin held up a pile of papers and stated, and I paraphrase, that the bill he held in his hands would be good for America.  The truth is that THERE IS NO HEALTH BILL, and he and his cohorts continue to lie to the American people on a daily basis. These politicians lied to get elected, think they are above the law, do not listen to their constituents, or accept the will of the people and no doubt, will lie to get re-elected.

In the coming election of 2010, the American people will make clear to Congress that they reject Communism, Socialism, and radical thinking, and that they wish to do away with both affirmative action and political correctness, by sending those politicians packing who did not have the guts to accept the will of the people back to their homes to earn an honest living. We must have term limits. Politicians must not continue to enjoy their current form of health care. They must contribute to  Social Security, and understand that they will be fired if they did not do the job they were hired for. Fill the Illinois jail with the members of Congress and Cabinet who have commit fraud or paid their taxes, and keep the terrorists in Guantanamo. Jail the members of ACORN who are deserving and do not allow SEIU to get the contract for providing services to these jails as Obama’s payback for getting him elected by any means.


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