If you recall the original and subsequent re-filming of the Manchurian Candidate, an American soldier has been captured by the enemy, the Chinese Communists and brainwashed over a period of time that upon a certain signal he was capable of murdering a fellow officer and ultimately a candidate for the President of the United States.  As I watched the 2008 campaign for president evolve, my initial concern was that John McCain, having been captured by the Viet Cong and a prisoner who was tortured for so many years could possibly have been our own Manchurian “candidate”. As it turned out, I had the wrong party, the wrong candidate and the wrong man.  Obama has been groomed from the time he had been under the scrutiny of Muslim schools in Indonesia. We have to continually ask ourselves what is it that this man has to hide, to prevent any and  all school records including the manner in which he paid for school at Columbia and Harvard from surfacing. Of course we cannot forget the $900,000 plus lawyers fees used to prevent his actual place of birth from becoming public knowledge. This has been a well though out plan, that if you could not destroy the moral of the American people by virtue of murdering American soldiers and civilians in Lebanon,  or murdering those people who died in the first Trade Tower bombings, or murdering sailors and marines on the Cole, or murdering 3000 Americans and foreign-born citizens on 9/11/01,  what  better way to gain control of the enemy but by placing one of your own into the White House. Obama’s past is slowly and painfully surfacing now. Their plan is becoming more clear based upon everything this man who occupies the house of the people, says and does or does not do. Obama did not require torture. He gladfully, as a Muslim agreed to become part of the plan that would lead our country into economic and military chaos. The only thing that he has not admitted to is that he is a Muslim and that will soon come as well when he really believes he has the upper hand after all of the costly bills that he sponsors are passed. Does any one not believe that he has a copy of the Koran in his night stand?


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