In one of many lackluster speeches (actually too many), Obama asks how he can improve the dire situation America finds itself in with regard to the Economy, Energy, Jobs, the War and Health. The answer is easy, President Obama, since you are the cause, it is time that you RESIGNED. The country will feel better. The world will feel better and the American people will throw a party such as you never envisioned and with their own money. That is, not money as you have used for personal and political gain taken from OUR TAXES. You have confused the American people with regard to your position on the war in Afghanistan,  but you have not confused the Taliban, having telegraphed our total position including the withdrawal timetable. You are such a genius!. No one in these United States has any feeling of security if you continue as President, as evidenced by positions or non-positions that you take or the fact that you have surrounded yourself with Communists, Socialists and Terrorists. You have nominated and have had confirmed TAX CHEATS to important government positions. By the way, Mr Obama,  has any one asked if you have paid ALL of your taxes? I noted that on this months cover of Golf Digest (must consider its value now) you appear to receiving instruction from Tiger Wood regarding improving your putts.( or should it be PUTZ) Now the latter can be construed to reflect a part of the male anatomy, now accepted by usage and one would hope that in lieu of the Tiger’s recent reported transgressions that you might have a few skeletons in your closet that Michelle might like to know about.

With regard to your position on the war. With whom do you fight? Just good old Muslims boys from the Middle East with whom you have a religious connection or TERRORISTS. You have apologized to just about every one. Have you missed any one? How about the Muslim pirates who captured, enslaved and sold the first blacks to British plantations in the Caribbean. Oh, by the way, you have some opinion on the party crashers that the news media has more of a deal than the Navy Seals that are being court marshalled instead of being hailed as heroes, but you allowed the dumb attorney general to bring the 9/11 terrorists to trial without a whimper. Actually you did have some statement to the effect that they would be found guilty and executed. Did it ever come across that thing you use as brain that this might allow the defendants attorneys to appeal until hell freezes over. Speaking of that, I have heard nothing from those big fat lips of yours regarding the scheme as identified in emails from England that Global Warming is as big a farce as Al Gore, who is a candidate for the BIGGEST/IDIOT/LOSER award although he might have already been overly compensated due to the LIES that he and his ilk have tried to impress us with. Well what can we say about the fantastic job you have done with the economy. ZERO, ZILCH, NADA and that about sums it up. Obama, why waste our time any further. Your birthplace will be eventually found out and you will be forced to resign. WHY NOT JUST DO IT NOW?

OH! Keeps your hands off health. WE ARE DOING JUST FINE!


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