Obama plans to attend this World Global Warming/Green Liars Convention next week, and to pledge $10,000,000,000 per year to developing countries.  The American people must inform this ignorant individual as well as the congress that we do not want our money spent in such a wasteful fashion. It is time we took back our government by putting it on notice that WE THE PEOPLE do not plan to provide support perhaps by way of holding back our taxes, and even if 1/2 of us held them back there would not be enough jails to hold all of us. Perhaps, he is looking at concentration camps for those that might oppose his policies. Could we put anything past  this Communist some call president?  Again, make the attempt to reach our so-called representatives now, by email or letter since most of them do not want to hear from their constituents and have turned off their phones. Remind them that 1/3 of the Congress and Senate will be seeking re-election in 2010.  The power of the people still rest with the ballot and we must us it in any fashion that helps us reach our goal of a check and balanced Legislature. Remember that it begins with the grass roots politicians in your local city, county and state elections. The only message they will comprehend is when they are looking from the outside in.  The recent expose of emails sent between Green Advocates should send a clear message that no one in their right mind any longer accepts the Global Warming theory as valid.  One can only hope that Al Gore loses his size 22 neck shirt as the companies in which he has invested come crashing down.


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